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KARLA’S PICK :: HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1 ONGOING :  By the POWER OF GRAYSKULL, we have a new HE-MAN COMIC!! Yeah, NO ONE should be surprised that this is my pick of the week. Heck, even my profile photo is a picture of me next to one of my most FAVORITE characters in the world SHE-RA, who is one of the prominent characters in the Masters of the Universe realm. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1 picks up where the six-issue mini-series, as well as the digital-only issues,  left off in January!
Peace has once again returned to Eternia after the defeat of Skeletor and the return of He-Man and the Masters. But as is all too often true, peace is short lived. Eternia quickly finds itself under attack once again, this time from an outside invader: The Evil Horde! This issue introduces Despara, force Captain of the Evil Horde, who is a ruthless conqueror loyal to the evil Hordak, and much to my relief a RED-HEADED Teela. (My favorite Teela will ALWAYS be red-headed! No offense to blonde Teela.)
With a new story-line by writer Keith Giffen and beautiful artwork by Pop Mhan, I am TRULY looking forward to getting my hands on this new ongoing series!!


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