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staff_picks andy_staff_picksThis is the last time I swear it (fingers crossed).  But what is it going to take to get you folks to try ASTRO CITY– the amazing series by writer Kurt Busiek, artist Brent Anderson and cover artist/designer Alex Ross.  So far the most recent series–this time from Vertigo comics– has been a delight.  in four issues Astro city has addressed the pressure and responsibility that falls on the heads of call center reps who take, log and dispatch emergency calls to the Honor Guard (this world’s Avengers or JLA)   We have met a group of super-powered folks who won’t do the hero thing and we met this world’s Celestials–sort of.  This month– there are some secrets in the city’s past before it became Astro City(!) and the Broken Man (sort of a cross between The Phantom Stranger and The Creeper (at least I think that’s what he is))  is trying to sort theses secrets out. Please try this book and then I promise I will leave you alone (maybe).

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