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seth_staff_picksSETH’S PICK :: SANDMAN: OVERTURE #1:  Like it or not, it’s hard to deny the depth and range of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, or the mark it left on our beloved comics medium.  Like it or not (part two), Sandman is a book that warrants all the attention it’s received over the years.  It is nothing if not thought-provoking.  So here we are twenty five years after Sandman debuted, and Vertigo is appropriately ushering in a new mini series from Gaiman.  Overture is notable for a few reasons.  Aside from the fact it’s the first time Neil’s returned to these characters in a good while, the series features art from J.H. Williams III, whose particular artistic inclinations seem ready-made for Sandman work.  What’s more is that Overture deals with an often puzzling chapter of Dream’s past: what happened to him that lead to him being imprisoned prior to Sandman #1?  Sandman: Overture is at the very least a book worth noting in your comic travels this week.  Who knows?  This could very well be a fine addition to the legacy of one of comics’ most enduring libraries of the past quarter century. sandover


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