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seth_staff_picksSETH’S PICK :: BLACK SCIENCE #1:  If you missed Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera’s run on Secret Avengers, you should treat yourself go back and read it.  It was full of imaginative comic craft, and  felt unique among the other Marvel comic it stood beside.  As memorable as that run was, I wondered what kind of comic these guys would create if they had complete control over it.  That question is finally answered this week in the form of their new series Black Science.  Conceptually, it’s a sprawling science fiction epic featuring rogue anarchist scientists who break the barriers of reality and find themselves amid an endless amount of alien worlds.  This is the kind of big concept Remender seems to relish, but is made all the more interesting by the bombastic art of Scalera.  It’s been a while since there was so much early buzz surrounding a new creator owned sci fi series.  This book seems primed to not only live up to its hype, but very likely surpass it. blacksci


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