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staff_picks andy_staff_picksANDY’S PICK :: CAPTAIN EASY VOLUME 4: This is the fourth and final volume of the over-sized collection of Captain Easy full page Sundays beautifully written, drawn and colored by the great Roy Crane.  This is one of the most influential strips of all time.  Crane successfully blended fast paced globe trotting adventures with a big foot comedic art style  like no other strip had ever done–before or since. Crane left the successful Wash Tubbs/Captain Easy strip in 1943 to start his own feature Buz Sawyer.  By that time, the world had changed; WWII forced the newspaper strips to face the realities of war and real violence. The days of the lickety-wop deliriously fun escapades in a world filled with damsels in distress, tiny European kingdoms, a perpetually Wild West and maps that led to buried treasure were over. However, all those delightful staples of the depression era  world of the dangerous– but always reliable–Captain Easy are on display for all to enjoy. This four volume collection is the ideal series where any modern reader can get an understanding and appreciation of the scope and history of the Adventure strip.  How important is Crane and the Sunday Captain Easy? If Roy Crane did not directly  influence your favorite cartoonist , believe me, the artists who influenced your current favorites were influenced by Crane and his marvelous work. Besides all that–Captain Easy is a blast to read  PICK UP ANY VOLUME; Need a recap? Easy gets into trouble, then he punches his way out and then, he gets into trouble…Plus there are beautiful girls and Tigers– lots and lots of Tigers.



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