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discussion_groupThe votes are in and the winner is March of the Wooden Soldiers, the 3rd Volume of Fables comics. In all honesty, this is the right choice. It is the storyline where a good series with a clever premise became a great series with legs strong enough to carry it for 150 monthly issues, two spin off series, a prose novel and three stand alone graphic novels.
So plan to join us on Saturday December 20th at Noon (an hour earlier than usual) We know this is the busiest time of the year, but do yourself a solid by setting aside a few hours to break bread and talk comics.
March of the Wooden Soldiers collects Fables # 19-21 and # 23-27 along with the Prestige one-shot issue The Last Castle featuring perhaps the greatest swashbuckling hero of the last 40 years, Little Boy Blue. No, we are not kidding.
Thanks to the decree of our liege and manager Justinian, March of the wooden Soldiers is available at Heroes with the Heroes Discussion Group 10% Discount. Just remember to mention it when you check out.
Topics will include

  • The choices writer Bill Willingham makes regarding characterizations of very familiar characters
  • What sets Bigby Wolf apart from other popular feral characters…
  • And of course, Prince Charming….would you vote for him in the Fabletown Mayoral Election
  • Also, Why March of the Wooden Soldiers is (or perhaps is not) the ideal discussion choice.

We invite everyone-both new readers and devoted fans–to join us. We’d like to touch on later story lines as well as the Network TV ‘interpretations’ of the same concept: Grimm and Once Upon a Frozen Time, but if there are any discussioneers who attend and have not read beyond Wooden Soldiers we promise will tread lightly.
We will see you on Saturday December 20th at NOON and fair warning to the uninitiated, once you enter the world of Fables, it is tough place from which to escape.


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