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staff_picks matt_staff_picksWhy review one book when you can speak to the ginormity of this week’s publication offerings as a whole? If you have even a cursory interest in the comic book medium, this would be a great week to visit Heroes! There are a whole mess of interesting-looking books coming out this week! If you take the time to look at the “New Releases” page you’ll see what I’m carrying on about.

Here are a few titles that stand out in my tiny, little, fan-boy mind:

• Look at all that Disney awesomeness! We get the whole stable of all-stars in the same week? Mickey, Donald, and the rest! Golly!
• A bunch of ALL NEW Marvel titles for Mutant and Avenger fans alike. Extraordinary!
• DC has a respectful amount of “Batty” goodness to counteract the flood of Marvel titles being released this week. Robin and Catwoman fans rejoice!
• Huck – I like this book. So far it proves Mark Millar actually has a heart. Maybe. There is still time for him to mess it up. Oddly enough, that’s kinda the reason I keep “tuning in”. Weird, I know.
• And finally, there are two little books that may have slipped under the radar I’d hate for the casual fans to miss out on:

– Marvel’s Secret Wars comes to its Battleworld-shattering conclusion! Oh man! What are we gonna do?! Oh yeah, the “All New, All Different Marvel” is already in full-swing. Sorry. I forgot for a moment.

– When you visit the store on Wednesday you may find yourself thinking, “I can’t tell if that is a zombie or just an unwashed Plaza Midwood hipster” – either way, make sure she doesn’t get the last copy of Waking Dead issue #150 before you! It’s a big deal. Unhand that comic, you zombie freak!
Anyway, as you can see, this week is a fatty!
All are welcome to enjoy the one thing that unites all ages and walks! I’ll be the zombie-freak-unhipster drooling over the first issue of Agents of Shield.

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