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SaleWeekendWe just got in a great new collection of over 10,000 comics but we just don’t have room to store them! These books date from the early 80’s to about 2015. They include Marvel, DC, Image and a few indies. No duplication.


Starting tomorrow: 

  • Friday 11/10 at 10 am those fresh collector’s items will be in the store for $2 each with discounts for quantity purchases.
  • Saturday 11/11, this bargain stock will be $1 each, again with discounts for quantity.
  • Sunday 11/12 the remaining stock goes to 50 cents apiece, with quantity discounts still available!
  • Whatever is left on Monday 11/13 will be 25 cents each and a reasonable offer will take them all.

So 4 days only! Get in here and fill those want lists!

The construction of the parking lot between us and our old location has been completed, so you don’t have to fight the construction equipment any longer. 8th Street is still your best parking option. It’s plentiful, legal and free! Please don’t ever park across Pecan Avenue in the Pecan Point lot. THEY BOOT RELENTLESSLY! We would hate for your vehicle to be held hostage to the tune of $100 or more. Be urban and take advantage of our beautiful walkable neighborhood and park “Under The Water Tower!”


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