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To the comics community:

We ARE listening.

We have been gutted by the instances that have come to light over this past week, and we are devastated to learn that any of these instances occurred during our show or at any of our satellite events.

There are multiple changes that need to occur on an industry-wide scale, but the Heroes Convention and Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find will be taking significant steps to be part of the solution & not part of the problem.

We support and acknowledge the need for change.
To say that we were not made aware of these instances until this week is a moot point.
We will take measures to prevent situations like these, or anything even remotely similar, from happening at ANY of our future events.
This commitment extends to the ENTIRE comics community, not just to female creators, but to our LQBTQ+ & BIPOC community as well.
We will BE BETTER. We must insist that everyone BE BETTER.
While our next show isn’t for another year, we have an entire year to listen to the community, to learn from these experiences, and to put in the effort to BE THE CHANGE.
The Heroes Convention has had a CODE OF CONDUCT policy in place for years. It is posted in multiple locations all over the convention floor and is the second page in our program book:

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