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To All Our Guests, Exhibitors, Attendees, Volunteers and Staff


The first ever Giant-Size Charlotte Mini-Con is over and a part of history!

Everyone at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find wishes to extend our appreciation to all those who participated in the Giant-Size Charlotte Mini-Con!

Thank You to our Guests for making the Giant-Size Charlotte Mini-Con a part of your schedule. As creators, you add life, excitement, and fun to the Convention. It was great to see long time Heroes Convention guests as well as those of you who are just beginning to make the Heroes experience a part of your lives.  We look forward to seeing you back at the Heroes Convention in June!
Thank You to all the Exhibitors for taking the chance and coming to our first major event back at the Charlotte Convention Center (CCC). We hope you had a fun and profitable time. Without the vendors it wouldn’t be the comic show that we all know and love.

To all the Attendees who came despite continuing health concerns about attending a large public event, we appreciate you being a part of the con. We were very happy to see so many of our regular convention attendees back and enjoying a comic book show. 

Special thanks to all the Kibby’s Sidekicks Volunteers who made everyone’s job a lot easier (there are too many of you to name, and we don’t want to risk missing anyone). “Many hands make light work”. Your willingness to step up wherever and however you were needed greatly contributed to the success of the Giant-Size Charlotte Mini-Con. We look forward to you continuing our dear friend Charles Kibby’s legacy of volunteering at future Heroes Conventions and events.

We look forward to everyone returning (and inviting all your friends) to be a part of the Fantastic 40th Heroes Convention Anniversary Celebration, June 24-26, 2022.

Order your Heroes Convention tickets now, and we’ll see you there!!


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