The Heroes Family Remembers One Of Our Own

December 14, 2020 By: Karla Southern Category: Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, HeroesCon, NEWS, Uncategorized

Charles Kibby = Hero Extraordinaire

Kibby with Seth and Sergio 2019-crop

Charles Kibby with Heroes’ Seth Peagler and Sergio Aragonés at the 2019 Heroes Convention.

What can’t we say about this treasure of a human being?

Charles Kibby was a Gentle-Giant, a big lovable Ginger Teddy-Bear, and a BELOVED member of the Heroes Family.

With his intimidating stature, he could have easily have been a holy-terror…and yet, he was the sweetest, kindest, most generous soul.

It was an HONOR to have him serve as a volunteer during the Heroes Convention each year, as well as at most all of our other Heroes events.
He was a regular presence at the Charlotte Mini-Con, Free Comic Book Day, and at nearly ALL of our In-Store Signings.
He could handle ANY situation thrown at him with a calming charm.

Kibby’s was the kind of presence that automatically made everyone feel at ease.
During stressful events he would kindly remind members of the Heroes Staff to take a break, and if he received protest, would occasionally throw them over his shoulder to MAKE them eat lunch.
He was a friend to almost EVERY ARTIST and VENDOR on our show floor, as well as at other shows across the country, constantly checking in on them during shows. Kibby would happily go well out of his way to help ANYONE, and you always knew you could count of him. 

He was ALWAYS looking out FOR OTHERS. 
To know him, was to LOVE him. And, like many others have stated, once he knew you he immediately made you feel like family.

The Heroes Family, and the Comics Community at large, are devastated today by the news that he lost his battle with COVID-19.

We know that everyone is tired of hearing this, but PLEASE WEAR A MASK.
Kibby wore his. He was careful. Our friend got sick because of someone else’s negligence.
If you won’t wear a mask for your own health, please wear one for the sake of someone you love.

You are, and ALWAYS WILL BE, Heroes Family. 

A GO FUND ME page to benefit Kibby’s family can be found here:
http://Go Fund Me :: Family of Charles Kibby


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