December 03, 2012 By: Rico Renzi Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

RICO’S PICK ::┬áHOUSE OF FUN (ONE-SHOT): Serious comics are for kids! Us grown-ups like our comics violent and hilarious! Thankfully Dark Horse presents all of Evan Dorkin’s hilarious comics from their recent Dark Horse Presents series without all those other “serious” comics Dark Horse presented. It features┬áMilk and Cheese, Murder Family, the return of┬áThe Eltingville Comic Book, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Role-Playing Club, tons of new┬ástrips, and more.┬áWhether you like your comics hilariously violent or violently hilarious, House of Fun has something for you!



August 14, 2012 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Looking Ahead, Reviews

The Creep #0 collects a story from John Arcudi and Jonathan Case that was serialized in three issues of Dark Horse Presents.┬á For those who don’t like spending $7.99 for a comic, this is a fine way of readings some of the serials for┬áthe more affordable price of $2.99.┬á The issue also acts as a lead in to the upcoming The Creep four issue mini series.┬á While Arcudi is mostly known for his work on B.P.R.D., The Creep has little in common with that world of monsters and supernatural activity.

In fact, it’s very much rooted in a normal, everyday world.┬á That said, the main character Oxel Karnhus does have a genetic condition called acromegaly, where the human growth hormone is produced in excess and can cause physical deformities.┬á Oxel looks a bit like he could’ve been an old Dick Tracy villain, but the twist in this story is that he’s the protagonist.┬á Not only is he our hero, but he’s a private investigator.┬á It’s a clever reversal of archetypes, but that’s not┬áthe most notable┬áaspect of this book.



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