March 10, 2014 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks


seth_staff_picksSETH’S PICK :: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1: ┬áThe former Ms. Marvel has been enjoying a resurgence in recent years, and that can largely be attributed to the work of writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. ┬áHer last Captain Marvel series was as much a character study as it was an entertaining super hero romp. ┬áFor this new relaunch, DeConnick is teaming with David Lopez, an artist who, though he might not be a household name, has well established himself as a reliable and gifted artist. ┬áNow, I know there are some among you who are weary of the increasing number of relaunches or new #1 issues. ┬áRecent weeks have proven, however, that it’s worth giving some of them a look. ┬áThe recent debuts of She Hulk, Wolverine and the X-men, Ms. Marvel, and Moon Knight have all acted as reminders that┬áthere are plenty of opportunities for genuinely fun new comics. ┬áI’d also like to point out that DeConnick is writing at the top of her game at the moment. ┬áHer Image series Pretty Deadly remains a category-defying series that is also well worth your patronage. ┬áWith DeConnick’s momentum and the looming probability that Captain Marvel might appear on the big screen, it’s a good time to catch up with the character.capmarv


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