STAFF PICKS :: DOOP #1 :: APRIL 9, 2014

April 07, 2014 By: Andy Mansell Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks andy_staff_picksANDY’S PICK :: DOOP #1: Back in 2001, Peter Milligan and Mike Allred turned the mutant world on its backside by re-imagining X-Force a super-team that eventually morphed into X-Statix. Replacing the old X-Men reliables like Cable, Deadpool, Warpath , Milligan and Allred turned a team of misfit super-heroes into well… a bunch of reality star super-powered misfits.  Now the key players on the team were Dead Girl, Phat, U-Go Girl, Anarchist and my personal favorite Doop who looked like the love child of Proty II and Slimer from Ghostbusters. Milligan returns with artist David LaFuente (and covers by Allred!) for a five issue mini-series that is sure to be one of the gems of this summer.  And if you have never read the Milligan/Allred Mutant series, pick up a book or three from Heroes– it is a great read.



April 03, 2014 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks heather_staff_picksHEATHER’S PICKS: It’s a two for one staff pick for me this week thanks to Marvel debuting solo books of two of my favorite characters this week.  That’s right, both Doop and Nightcrawler are getting their own series this spring.  I’m not sure how one week is going to be able to contain so much awesomeness.

DOOP #1: I was excited about the Doop mini-series from the moment it was announced.  Then I saw the previews for the first issue and I nearly punched someone, my excitement was so great.  Those pages from David Lafuente look amazing.  It’s also good to see Doop in the hands of one his creators, Peter Milligan.  I am so glad I only have to wait less than a week to read this book for the first of what is sure to be a million times.

NIGHTCRAWLER #1: Jason Aaron was one of my favorite writers before he brought Nightcrawler back, but the return of one of the best blue guys in comics earned him a permanent spot on that list.  I’m looking forward to Chris Claremont and Todd Nauck taking on Nightcrawler’s return to the X-Men.  I hope he has many new adventures in store (especially pirate adventures…).