February 04, 2014 By: Heather Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks heather_staff_picksHEATHER’S PICK :: MS MARVEL #1: I don’t have much prior knowledge of Ms. Marvel so I don’t have the concerns that fans of the Carol Danvers might bring to this new incarnation of the character.  I am just looking forward to reading this new female driven comic unburdened from any expectations of the former Ms. Marvel.  I like the dichotomy of a teenage girl dealing with both the expectations of her culture and balancing her super hero powers. I can’t help but adore her Avengers fanfic in the first issue that seems to have a snarky dose of My Little Pony intertwined.  (Poor Rainbow Toots!!) Just trust me and read it to find out that unicorn’s fate.

There’s been a lot of conversation of late about diversity in comics (both in the subject matter and the creators) so let’s take a moment to be happy about both a female writer and Pakistani American girl coming together for what looks like a fun and interesting title this month.



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