September 29, 2014 By: Rico Renzi Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks heather_staff_picksHEATHER’S PICKS :: Gotham Academy #1: I’ll confess, I’m not much of a Batman reader.  The closest I come to anything based in Gotham are occasional mini-series and Harley Quinn.  In spite of that, Gotham Academy caught my attention from its very announcement.  Perhaps one reason for that is the series is being co-written by Becky Cloonan.  I adore Becky’s art and I have also enjoyed all of her mini-comics I’ve picked up.  I haven’t read anything by Brenden Fletcher as of yet, but October will be the month to change that as Batgirl #35 hits October 8.  Gotham Academy follows the students at a prep school that sounds both creepy and entertaining.  With new characters and a look at the city’s history and mythology, Gotham Academy could become my Wolverine and the X-Men gateway book into the Batverse.

Bonus Pick: Thor #1: Have you guys heard that Thor’s becoming a lady? Man, has it been fun watching heads explode over that one.  You have to appreciate Marvel taking the risk of dethroning one of its popular male characters and passing his mantle and hammer over to a mysterious woman.  I haven’t read a Thor series since Marvel broke my heart with the cancellation of one of my favorites, Thor the Mighty Avenger, but if a woman can pick up Mjölnir, then I am willing to pick up Thor #1 by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman.NewThor

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