From Hell Discussion Group November 3rd at 1:00pm REMINDER!!

October 29, 2012 By: Andy Mansell Category: DISCUSS, Discussion Group, EVENTS

Just a reminder that the Heroes Discussion Group will celebrate its 50th meeting by examining From HellAlan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s retelling of the Whitechapel Murders attributed to Jack the Ripper.
If you plan to attend and haven’t read (or re-read) the book in a while, we recommend the following:
Please try to re-read these sections:
  • The Prologue and Epilogue –Two old men on the Beach
  • The final chapter — Gull goes on his final journey
  • but especially– Chapter 4— where Gull takes Netley on a Masonic tour of England.

Topics to discuss will include:
The Freemasons, Queen Victoria, Fred Abberline, how the end-notes and Epilogue affect the reading experience, the role of the Media in creating a legend but above all, how Moore & Campbell walk that pesky tight-rope between fact and fiction.
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday November 3rd at 1:00pm. ¬†As usual, From Hell is available from Heroes with the 10% Discussion Group Discount–just remember to mention it when you check out.
And remember, in next couple of months we will examine the work of Gilbert Hernandez and Jeff Smith’s Bone!


October 16, 2012 By: Andy Mansell Category: DISCUSS, Discussion Group, EVENTS, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, NEWS, Special Offers

50 Discussion Groups! ¬†We did it!!! Our thanks to all who have attended, contributed and supported this worthwhile venture of ours! ¬†And to celebrate this momentous anniversary, we are breaking out the big guns. ¬†Plan to join us on Saturday November 3rd ¬†at (the usual time) 1:00pm!!!!!!!! as we sit down to analyze and¬†dissect¬†(heh) ¬†From Hell—¬†Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s epic fictional examination of the Whitechapel Murders historically attributed to the notorious Jack the Ripper.

This is no ordinary comic book.  From Hell is filled with many intense passages where Moore and Campbell use their combined skills to draw the reader right into the world of late 19th Century London.  All the filth, all the corruption, all the intrigue but above allРpage after page of great storytelling and fabulous artwork.  From Hell is a true tour-de-force.

But be forewarned: ¬†this is not “the feel good book of the fall“. ¬†From Hell¬†is tough, it is gritty, it is adult but above¬†all, it is magnificent. Due to its length and depth, it will take you quite a bit longer to read than most of our other Discussion Group books. ¬†So plan accordingly– we strongly suggest you read it in chapters. ¬†Don’t over do it and read too much in single sittings –the book can begin to overwhelm the reader.
Topics will include:
  • The gray area between Historical Fiction and History Fact
  • The tactics Moore and Campbell use to draw the reader into a seemingly familiar tale and then keep the reader guessing until the end
  • The thematic role of the turning of the century
  • The Freemasons
  • How Moore and Campbell present the inner workings of an unhinged mind–especially…
  • The flash forwards
  • And….The footnotes (or¬†end-notes). ¬†Although they are not required, many of them are worth reading and they add to the entire¬†From Hell reading experience. ¬†As we get closer to¬†November 3rd, we will provide a short list of End notes that we believe are crucial to the analysis of the story. ¬†But ¬†regardless–we urge you to¬†¬†read¬†¬†all of the end notes to chapter 4. ¬†It makes that particular chapter a true high water mark in comic literature! ¬†This is not an overstatement.
As usual, Heroes is offering the (patent pending)¬†10% Discussion Group Discount on¬†From Hell. ¬†Just remember to mention it when you check out. ¬†Don’t forget we have¬†Gilbert Hernandez Human Diastrophism and Jeff Smith’s masterpiece¬†Bone¬†coming up in the next few months!
All are welcome to join the discussion, but be aware that this is a book and a discussion strictly for grown ups.  Even Freemasons will be welcome, but they better know the Heroes Discussion Group Handshake[TM] or they can go take a flying leap into the Thames.  Bunch of tossers.

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