August 03, 2015 By: Justin Crouse Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picksjustin_staff_picksJUSTIN’S PICK :: AIRBOY #3: I was never too enamored of aviation comics. As a genre, it’s not something that appealed to my sensibilities. So, when Image announced a new take on Airboy, it wasn’t a priority in my reading. Airboy is in the public domain, which means the copyright on the property lapsed, and the character is fair game for any creator that cares to use him and his supporting cast. Now, I know James Robinson to be a quality author, and although he doesn’t have a lot of published work under his belt, Greg Hinkle’s art is a thing of great beauty. I didn’t have a lot of expectations when the first issue was released, but because of the top notch creative team I nibbled, and I’m rather glad I did. Robinson uses the title as a metafictional, autobiographical clearinghouse, detailing a debaucherous and undignified mid-career crisis. This is a refreshing take, with the Golden Age stalwart as a moral springboard. This is the kind of story only comics can pull off, and if you were on the fence like me, as of Wednesday, Heroes will have all three issues available for your enjoyment. Check out what is turning out to be something of a rare treat, and even more rare, a book every Heroes staffer seems to heartily recommend.




December 26, 2013 By: Justin Crouse Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picksjustin_staff_picksJUSTIN’S PICK :: SAVIORS #1: It’s a light week this Christmas at the comic book store, with the usual suspects of the Justice League and the Avengers ready to stuff your stockings. But for those of you who like to wander off the beaten path, Saviors is a book that certainly deserves your attention. An unlikely team of fan favorite creators – writer James Robinson and cartoonist J. Bone – craft an interesting tale of small town boredom, fatal acceptance, casual drug use and a weird, alien menace.  Your guide to Passburg is Tomas Ramirez, a prototypical slacker. When his idyllic life suddenly erupts into a bizarre chase, both he and the reader are caught in a literal cliffhanger. James Robinson requires no paltry accolades from a scrub such as I; J. Bone’s art is, as always, a thing of crystalline beauty. A perfect team on a great book, don’t let this gem get lost in the shuffle.




HEROES DISCUSSION GROUP :: STARMAN :: Saturday, September 29th 1:00PM

September 13, 2012 By: Andy Mansell Category: DISCUSS, Discussion Group, EVENTS

First of all, we want to thank all of you who joined us to discuss MAUS.  That was quite an intense 2 hours of good conversation. So what do we do for a follow up after such a cathartic experience? Why not kick back and have us some super-hero fun??? We can’t think of a super-hero series as fun, as hip, as enjoyable as Starman by writer James Robinson and artist Tony Harris featured in the Starman Omnibus Volume 1.

HEROES DISCUSSION GROUP :: MAUS by Art Spiegelman :: September 1st, 2012

August 01, 2012 By: Andy Mansell Category: DISCUSS, Discussion Group

First of all, I personally want to thank all of you who attended our three discussions from HeroesCon weekend.  Oz with Skottie Young (thank you Heather!), Batman: Black Mirror with Snyder and Francavilla (thank you Jason!) and Love and Rockets: New Stories with Jaime Hernandez (thank you Mr. Hernandez!).
Now that we are all rested up, it is time to get back to our regular Discussion Group schedule!
First up–
August: Discussion #48: Plan to join us on Saturday, September 1st as we tackle the graphic novel that is certainly one of the most critically acclaimed, vastly read and most often discussed:  The Pulitzer Prize winning story of the Holocaust–Maus by Art Spiegelman.
This is a major work and should be read by all serious comic readers.  The discussion topics are many, but the three primary points I’d like to cover are as follows:  (more…)

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