June 29, 2015 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks


seth_staff_picksSETH’S PICK :: THE SPIRE #1: Start July on a good note this week with┬áthe latest collaboration between Si Spurrier and Jeff Stokely. You may remember their post apocalyptic sci-fi western Six Gun Gorilla from a few years ago.┬áThat book won a lot of deserved critical acclaim, and I enjoyed it immensely. The Spire features┬áa similar apocalyptic scenario, but trades the western motifs for fantasy this time around. It also adds a murder mystery into the mix, and a protagonist who must solve the crimes as she navigates a racist and xenophobic society. Spurrier telling a fantasy story with plenty of modern societal parallels,┬áplus an array of monsters, strange machines and characters rendered as only Stokely can? That’s enough to sell me (and you) on this new series.┬áspire1

Bonus Pick: Autumnlands vol. 1 TP: Tooth and Claw: This affordable debut collection (just $9.99)┬áby Kurt Busiek and Benjamin Dewey features some of my favorite┬áanthropomorphic fantasy storytelling in years. Dewey’s depictions of endless humanoid animal creatures is remarkable, and Busiek does a fine job of building an accessible narrative for a new world in this excellent first volume.


Staff Picks :: Astro City #2 :: JULY 10, 2013

July 08, 2013 By: Andy Mansell Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

ANDY’S PICK :: ASTRO CITY #2: This is unofficially, the 61st issue of ASTRO CITY– the Kurt Busiek (writer) and Brent Anderson (artist) and Alex Ross (Covers and Design) ┬álove letter to mainstream super-hero concepts. Others have tried to offer an homage/pastiche to heroes from an earlier era, ┬ábut more often than not, they end up as either a parody (Tom Strong) or a blatant rip-off (Supreme) Where others have failed, Astro City succeeds because the creative team love comic books, they love their characters and above all they love their fictional town. ┬áYou will feel the tingle of nostalgia and the joy that comes when you read a well crafted and┬á(on its own terms)┬ábelievable super-hero comic book. You owe it to yourself to give this book a try–especially if you were once at home on the mainstream side of Heroes and have since ┬ámoved across to the other side of the store.

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