April 30, 2013 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

SETH’S PICK :: MISTER X: EVICTION #1: It’s true that this Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, and while you know we’ll have plenty of quality free comics to give you, I’d encourage you to ease through the crowds and find this book on the genre side of the store.┬á If you don’t know about the character or any of Motter’s work, I’d encourage you to give it a look.┬á When Mister X appeared in the early eighties, it brought several novel elements into American comics, like art deco design, stylish noir, and even German Expressionism.┬á Beyond the book’s intelligence, just look at a list of its contributers (Jaime Hernandez, Seth, Dave McKean and more) to find reasons to read this title.┬á It’s a beautiful book that┬ácontinues to┬ádeliver┬ástrong stories and design.┬á This first┬áissue of a new miniseries is a great place to┬álearn about the character, as is the recent Mister X: Hard Candy one shot that collected new Motter material from Dark Horse Presents.┬á And if scholarly comics don’t do it for you, there’s always Hawkeye #10 out this week.┬á It just so happens that this issue is the first of the series to feature art from Francesco Francavilla, who will be among the guests at Heroes for the FCBD excitement this Saturday.┬á Get him to sign a copy and a few of his excellent Black Beetle issues while you’re at it.



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