September 06, 2012 By: Andy Mansell Category: DISCUSS, Feast Your Eyes

In previous Feast Your Eyes posts we’ve looked at IDW’s jaw-dropping Artists Editions.¬† This time we’ll turn to another side of the medium.¬† Let’s look at ¬†the great comic strips of old. ¬†Fantagraphics under the editorship of comic historian¬†Richard Marshall offers up a beautiful over-sized showcase of¬†Johnny Gruelle’s near forgotten fantasy masterpiece¬†Mr. Twee-Deedle. ¬†Gruelle became world-famous at the turn of the century for inventing the iconic characters¬†Raggady Ann and Andy. ¬†In 1911, when it came time for the New York Herald to find a¬†suitable¬†front page replacement for¬†Little Nemo, they smartly turned to Mr. Gruelle who developed a on-going strip about a a pixie named Mr. Twee-Deedle. It ran for almost seven years. The strips collected here (with a fascinating intro by Mr. Marshall) are a delightful selection of strips- a beautiful blend of story and art. ¬†And this over-sized ¬†book is an ideal showcase for this masterpiece. ¬†Just look at this breath-taking example:

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