STAFF PICKS :: Rocky and Bullwinkle #1 :: MARCH 26, 2014

March 25, 2014 By: Andy Mansell Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks andy_staff_picksWhat could be funnier than uniting a Moose and Squirrel to fight the cold War villainy of Boris and Natasha (fresh from their triumphs in War and Peace) and their fearless leader, FEARLESS LEADER? What if you engage the comic book legend and current scribe of the vastly under-rated Garfield comic book Mark Evanier along with perhaps the finest big foot comic illustrator in the business Roger Langridge?  If that isn’t  enough to get you to try this 4 issue mini-series from IDW? Well…. Here’s one thing you don’t see everyday Chauncey–What’s that Edgar? A long overdue Jay Ward Studios cross-over as the denizens of Frostbite Falls, MN meet everyone’s favorite Mountie Dudley Do-Right! Will Snidely Whiplash co-operate with Boris Badenov? Will Natasha fall for Horse and make Nell jealous.  That’s kinda weird.  Anyhoo…  Perhaps a Quisp and Quake cameo? We can only hope.These comics are guaranteed to be a total riot.


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