July 01, 2013 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

SETH’S PICK :: SATELLITE SAM #1: I contemplated picking the glorious Mickey Mouse Color Sundays vol. 1, but figured Andy Mansell would do a much better job of churning up excitement for it.  Then I realized that Satellite Sam debuts from Image this week, and thought it best to remind our readers of that.  It’s a collaboration between Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin, and is set in the Golden Age of television. Fraction’s something of a film and T.V. history buff, so this makes me think it’ll be tonally closer to Casanova than his Marvel work.  Toss in the fact that he’s working with a legend like Chaykin, and you too might see the potential of this new book.  To summarize, we have two versatile creators telling a story about a murder mystery set against the backdrop of fifties era entertainment.  At the very least, that should warrant a thorough read.  Don’t forget it on your trip to Heroes this week!



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