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seth_staff_picksSETH’S PICK :: THE LONESOME GO: It was tough to narrow my picks down to a single book this week. I could easily write about Jason Aaron’s new crime series Men of Wrath, the second issue of Ryan Browne’s hilarious God Hates Astronauts, or Blackhand Comics from Deadly Class artist Wes Craig. I’ll be picking all of those up this week, but I’m most looking forward to The Lonesome Go from Tim Lane and Fantagraphics. That’s a name most of you probably aren’t too familiar with, but he released a fantastic critically acclaimed book called Abandoned Cars a few years ago that I reread once a year.

This new book is a continuation of the types of themes and characters Lane first explored there: drifters, hobos, Americana, automobilia, early rock and roll and more. The narratives pay homage to the Beats, Charles Bukowski and Tom Waits, among others. Visually, Lane seems to channel parts of Dan Clowes, Charles Burns and various American Splendor contributors. Lane’s stories are admittedly dark, but also keenly aware that there is something inherently nostalgic about traveling America, alone or with complete strangers. The result is a book that is, like a road trip, as freeing as it can be unsettling. Fantagraphics has several preview pages available on their site HERE. Don’t miss this excellent book in a week full of good comics choices.lonego



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Super hero comics are fine.¬† Lots of us started with them, and lots of us still enjoy the occasional cape-centric yarn.¬† Still, there’s a big chunk of readers who¬†grow¬†stagnant with¬†recycled storylines and event gimmicks and want something different.¬†¬†Sometimes I feel like there’s a social or¬†psychological barrier that keeps¬†super hero readers from dipping their toes in the Indie section (and vice versa).¬† I’m here to¬†let you know it’s entirely okay to¬†read a diversity of¬†genres.¬† It’s¬†healthy to¬†like a little bit of everything, and¬†that variety keeps you from¬†getting burnt out on any single type of comic.¬†¬†So with that said, here are a few examples from the plethora of well-crafted stories waiting for you in the Indie/Literature section in the back corner of our store.



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