PHOTO REPORT :: Charlotte Minicon!

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Courtesy of our buddy Matt Knapik, check out these sweet photos from Saturday’s Charlotte Minicon! I happen to have been one of the guests (super exciting!) so I can tell you from both sides of the table that it was a lot of fun!

One really cool thing was what I saw as an increased number of families attending together, both dads and daughters, and even Moms, the rarest demographic at a comics show. I love it, super fun. The highlight of the show for me was having one kid and his dad hang out in front of my table for a while, having me sketch all sorts of weird stuff (a Jedi, a stump being chased by a warrior, etc.). I had a good time talking to those guys, it made me wistful for my days as a Pokemon Leader or Jedi Master or whatever you call someone who runs a Pokemon League.

Also cool was sitting next to Rich Barrett, who is worth checking out if you guys haven’t already. He’s one of our customers who has recently taken the plunge into webcomics, and even more recently beginning to publish those comics as mini’s–I do believe you can find copies of his Nathan Sorry minis in the store! Rich was too cagey to get photographed though, he’s like Bigfoot that way.

Plus of course the tons of other talent in the room. Francesco Francavilla was in the hizzy with his lovely wife Lisavilla Francavilla (actually just Lisa), plus our bros Budd Root and Andy Smith, plus our other bros Chris Brunner and Jason Latour, plus our South Carolina bros J. Chris Campbell and Duane Ballenger. Plus our other SC bros from the Dollar Bin who were in full effect all day. Plus a ton of you guys! Thanks to everyone who came out and made the Charlotte Minicon a success! Don’t forget to check out the full photo report here!


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