REVIEW :: Wonder Woman #40

January 28, 2010 at 5:32 pm By:

wonder-woman_040-fc_700pxAre you reading Wonder Woman? You should be.

As I stated about 10 months ago, under writer Gail Simone, WW has consistently been one of the best books published by the folks at DC. The latest issue sees Diana taking a bit of a breather after wrapping a fairly long story arc that saw her battling a bunch of cool new villains. But that doesn’t mean that things are slowing down. This month’s installment introduces us to a new group of bad guys with ties to the god of war Ares, shows us the condition of WW’s hospitalized BFF Etta and sets the stage for a battle with another popular DC heroine. And this lineup of events perfectly illustrates why Simone’s run on the comic is so enjoyable.

The writer crafts stories that perfectly blend all the cool things about Diana — the Greek mythology side of things, her humanity and the straight-up super-heroic side. WW succeeds when it offers read the best of all worlds, distinguishing her from iconic brothers like Superman and Batman — and it’s obvious that Simone knows this.

Oh and, I can’t say enough that artist Aaron Lopresti’s clean but incredibly kinetic work on the book is proving that he is a top-tier artist.

What are you waiting for? Trust me. It’s worth the cash.


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