THIS WEEKEND :: Visit Shelton At Big Apple Comicon!

October 15, 2009 at 2:23 pm By:


Road Warrior Shelton Drum is hitting the highways again this weekend, this time headed up to New York City for the Big Apple Comic Con! He’s not going alone either; he’ll be accompanied by Winslow and Shelley Drum, and they’ll join forced with our buddies Steve Saffel and Dana Heyward in NYC to form a five-pointed ninja throwing star of comics retailing power. Best metaphor ever, believe it baby!

The show is going on tomorrow through Sunday, and for those of you within the sound of my digital voice who’ll be there, please accept this coupon! Bring it by the Heroes booth (Booth 1607) to get 20% off regular back issues and statues! Shelton will have his big stock that he and Seth have been working for months, and which is a big hit at every show he does. Plus the tons and tons of Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age books and other goodies!

And while you’re up there saying hey to Shelton and the gang and checking out the convention itself, buy Shelton a cup of coffee, would ya? He’s been hitting the road hard, and I’m sure he’s looking forward to a good long sleep after this!


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