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Yessir! New to the HeroesCon Indie Island Guest List for the first time ever this year is one of my very favorite cartoonists, Ken Dahl–I’m pretty excited to have Ken (or Gabby, as most people know him–Ken Dahl is a pseudonym AS IF YOU COULDN’T TELL) as a guest, and I suspect I’m not the only one. Gabby’s book Monsters was on pretty much every critic’s “best of” list for 2009, so many that it ended up #6 on the “meta-list”, compiled by the guys at the I Love Rob Liefeld comics blog. Gabby’s a pretty amazing cartoonist, and I suspect still with his best work ahead of him–there are worse places to be than there.

Gabby is joined this week by his fellow Punchbuggy Tour member (along with already-guestified Liz Baillie) MK Reed, who self-publishes her own Cross Country books, and has a a book coming out from First Second in 2011. In fact, I am informed that HeroesCon will be the final stop on Gabby, Liz, and MK’s Punchbuggy Tour, and they’ll be doing readings and discussions and all manner of public panel stuff at the show to celebrate.

And they are joined by up-and-comer Sally Bloodbath, who sharp-eyed attendees may recognize from early Indie Island appearances as a talented helper of Liz and MK’s. This year Sally has attained full-blooded Guest status, and we are happy to have her. She co-edits the anthology Always Comix, and does pretty hilarious (and angry) comics of her own.

While not affiliated with these guys or Punchbuggies other than friend-wise, Chris Schweizer is a popular guest each year in Indie Island, almost since the first one back in 2005. This year he returns on the wings of success, in this case the critical success of his all-ages adventure series, the first volume of which (Crogan’s Vengeance) was published last year. Or late 2008? Crap, now I can’t remember. Anyway, it’s great and Chris is better!

Okay, another non-indie update in the next day or so, but these guys kept emailing me to ask if I was ever going to add them, so it was the best way to shut them up!


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