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Where Shawn looks at the New Releases and lets you know which books she is most excited about!


1) Nola #3

Cover B is done by the one and only Chris Brunner who will be attending the Charlotte Minicon this Saturday, January 23! So pick one up and get it signed!

2) Cavewoman Cover Gallery #3 and Cavewoman Pangean Sea #11

Budd Root, who will also be at the Charlotte Minicon, has not one but TWO books coming out this week. Crazy! Be sure to check out Budd’s prints at the Minicon! Be mindful that Budd’s art is risque and intended for mature audiences.

3) Joe the Barbarian #1

Grant Morrison teams up with Sean Gordon Murphy (who will be at HeroesCon in June) on a new miniseries about a little boy who is stuck between fantasy and reality. He could be hallucinating or he could be experiencing a new reality, either way I’m sure it will be an interesting journey. And just in case you need one more reason to buy it, this first issue is only $1! I’m sold!


4) Kids of Widney High One-Shot

This one shot is written by the  members of Kids of Widney High which is a rock band that consists of graduates of a special education high school in LA. It is illustrated by some awesome artists including: Chuck BB, Robbi Rodriguez, Rafael Navarro, Jim Mahfood, Neal Von Flue and Rikki Niehaus and Mahfood is on cover duty.

5) Rasl #6

Jeff Smith‘s Rasl just keeps getting better and better. Who doesn’t like time travel mixed with art thievery?


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