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worlds-finest_03-09_495pxBrand new to the HeroesCon 2010 Guest List today are some old buddies and at least one brand new buddy! Jamal Igle will be no stranger to most HeroesCon attendees–the fan-favorite penciller who’s currently working on World’s Finest is also famous for his runs on Supergirl, Nightwing, and Firestorm. He’s a sweet dude too, so if you somehow haven’t met him yet, then I foresee good times in your future for sure.

Jamal is joined by fellow return guest and buddy Nathan Edmondson, who you may have met at our big Holiday Sale or at last year’s HeroesCon. Now that Nathan’s done with his acclaimed book Olympus, he’s setting his sights on the upcoming The Light, drawn by Surrogates co-creator Brett Weldele! Yes, yes I know what you’re thinking, I’ll get right on it; but for now, let’s just reflect on good ole Nathan. All done reflecting? Okay.

Because also new this week is first time guest Gabriel Hardman, who comes to us through the good offices of our friend and his collaborator Jeff Parker. Jeff and Gabriel have worked together on numerous Agents of Atlas projects, including the recent Avengers Vs. Agents of Atlas miniseries. Gabe’s also the artist of the Image/Shadowline graphic novel Heathentown, and has worked on a ton of movies including a few little indie productions like Spider-Man 3, Superman Returns, and Tropic Thunder. But hopefully one day he’ll get to work on one of the BIG movies, here’s hoping on that.

Oh but wait! Before I release your Internet-roaming eyes, leave me not forget two more artist returning to HeroesCon this summer: Charlie Kirchoff is the colorist of a bajillion different IDW books, including the Doctor Who ongoing series, the recolored Doctor Who Classics, and Angel: Aftermath. He also colored the Zombies That Ate The World miniseries over Guy Davis‘s sweet pencils. S.L. Gallant is another IDW rising star, working mainly lately on GI Joe books, including the main series, GI Joe Origins, and the GI Joe movie prequels. You may have also seen him on Marvel Adventures: The Avengers and more!

Okay, that should do it for this week for big con announcements, although there’s some sweet stuff in store next week. For now we’ll spend the rest of the week getting ready for the big Charlotte Minicon on Saturday. See you there!


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