HEROESCON :: Beatty, Bigley, & Fowler (No Lie!)

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Yes yes, oh my yes please! Brand new to the HeroesCon 2010 Guest List today are 2 old buddies and one brand new one–the new one is none other than Mysterius The Unfathomable artist Tom Fowler! Tom comes to us through the good offices of his Mysterius collaborator, Jeff Parker, who is also coming I do believe, although hasn’t seen fit to reply to my email yet. Probably *sniff* technical issues or something. Anyway, Tom is not only the studly Mysterius artist, but also has a ton of work in Mad Magazine and elsewhere–looking through his site is a real treat, believe you me!

Also a “real treat” is “Big” John Beatty, who returns triumphant to HeroesCon this year after several years of absence. We love John, he’s an inker’s inker and a studbolt and a sweet dude besides. He got his start at the age of–18? 19? anyway it was super young–inking Mike Zeck on Punisher. He worked on some of the biggest books of the 80’s, including Zeck’s Captain America run, Secret Wars, and a ton more. These days he’s in-demand working on DC style guides and a ton of sketch cards.

Also returning this year is another old chum, and a local comics star to boot, Mr. Al Bigley. Besides credits including Tao Boy, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a bajillion trading card illustrations, Al also wrote Draw Comics Like A Pro, a comics how-to published by Watson Guptill!


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