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The second of three updates to the HeroesCon 2010 Guest List this week, holy cow! And a big one at that–new to the Guest List today is uber-fan-favorite artist Kevin Maguire, whose work on titles like Justice League International, Formerly Known As The Justice League, Metal Men, and many more has cemented his reputation as the go-to artist for rubber-faced comedy. Pretty sure this guy is going to have a ridiculous line and sketch list at the show, if he’s doing sketches. I’m presuming he will, but we’ll leave that up to him.

Also new this week is Jose Marzan, Jr., the inker on super-popular Y: the Last Man, Jack of Fables, House of Mystery, and a bunch of others.  Jose has inked over just about everyone over his 24-year career, including Adam Hughes, Mike Wieringo, and John Romita Sr.! I believe this is his first appearance at HeroesCon, and he too can most likely expect a healthy line–I think Y: the Last Man is one of the most popular series Vertigo has published in years, second only to Fables!

The only line new guest Jeff Parker can expect is probably one composed of parole officers and mimes, but if you can fight your way through them you can meet Jeff, who’s one of our very favorite people in the world, and a former North Carolinian. Jeff writes Agents of Atlas, the just-finished Underground, Mysterius the Unfathomable, and a ton of others. He’s left NC behind to be a member of the world-famous Periscope Studios in Portland, but we’re happy to have him back all the same, even if it’s just for a visit.

Okay! Still another update to go this week, and it’s a doozy!


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