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Spring is just about here, and — as a result — I’ve been going “spring comic book crazy.” Over in this week’s edition of Creative Loafing and on my Comic Proportions blog, I’ve been offering up my picks for the season’s most anticipated titles. So, in keeping with that theme, I thought I’d continue with my spring comic kick over here at the Heroes blog … check out a few of my choices from Marvel and DC:

Invincible Iron Man No. 25: Writer Matt Fraction did a terrific job of taking a pretty demonized Tony Stark and turning him into a fan-favorite super-dude again. Consequently, I’m excited to see the direction this title takes post-Siege — especially in light of the Iron Man 2 film set to open in May.

S.H.I.E.L.D. No. 1: Just as Fraction revitalized the lagging Iron Man franchise, writer Jonathan Hickman gave a shot in the arm to Nick Fury and his world of Howling Commandos and secret agents with Secret Warriors. So, I’m trusting that Hickman’s newest stab at Marvel’s spy world — a comic simply titled S.H.I.E.L.D. — will be an entertaining read. The book apparently will trace the origins of the organization back to the days of early Egypt, showing ancient battles with Galactus, the Brood and other baddies.

The Flash No. 1: Now that the slightly flawed Flash: Rebirth limited series is finally finished, I’m looking forward to seeing what writer Geoff Johns and artist Francis Manapul do with the Flash Family. I’m thinking it will be good stuff.

Zatanna No. 1: And we’ve been waiting for this series for a looooonnnngg time as well, but Paul Dini is handling the writing chores — so it’ll be worth the wait. Fact is, Dini proved that he understands Zatanna a few years ago when he penned that cool one-shot (the one with the Brian Bolland cover). I’m hyped.

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