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Oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness, new additions to the HeroesCon 2010 Guest List, including these guys:

Have you ever met Richard Thompson? Holy crap what a sweetie-pants. He was a guest back in 2008 and blew my mind he was so nice, just insanely a sweet guy. Although he’s a quiet talker, so you have to lean close. And he’s not a big guy, so you have to stoop down. I KID, I KID! Richard can afford a little smack-talk from lil ole me, because he gets nothing but accolades from anywhere else–besides being the creator of the incredibly well-loved Cul de Sac newspaper strip, he also has done the Washington Post’s “Richard’s Poor Almanack” column for years, and has done illustration for the Post, the New York Times, the New Yorker–whoever. You name it.

And he’s been nominated for the Reuben award more than once, including this year–next to the Pulitzer, the Reuben is about as big as it gets for a cartoonist. Imagine the Eisners but if there was a “The One Ring” Eisner called THE Eisner.” That’s THE Reuben. Just so you know (super proud of Richard) (did you guys get the Lord of the Rings reference?).

But enough about that guy–how about this:

Erika Moen is one of the most popular web cartoonists working today–she just wrapped up her long long LONGGGG-running diary strip “Dar,” in order (I think) to pursue new projects. Surely like a book or something right? Pretty sure that must be it. When she’s not publishing an insanely popular strip, she’s a member of Portland’s Periscope Studios, along with fellow guests Jeff Parker, Steve Lieber, and a bajillion others. Man that place, whoa. This will be Erika’s first trip to Charlotte, so I hope you guys will make her feel welcome!

But wait that’s not all! Also new to the guest list today are our buddies Pat Bollin, who besides his work on Oni’s Resurrection comic has some new secret unannounced graphic novel coming out next year that he can’t talk about.

Unlike Chris Giarrusso, who LOVES to talk about his G-Man creation, a popular series of all-ages friendly superhero digests. And you might know him as the writer and artists of the Mini Marvels, those round-headed versions of Marvel’s heroes!

Tariq Hassan is another of our chums–guys, we know like everybody–and a member of Georgia’s Studio Revolver. His work includes The Guild, Wizards of the Coasts books, and working as an artist on the Archer animated series on FX!

Harold Sipe is the writer of Screamland, as well as the writer of the new Garters & Ghouls series from IDW, an adaptation of the popular game–AND Harold is an old buddy of ours AND a North Carolinian AND a former customer in the store! No offense, but when customers make it into comics we are always super proud. If you were not a customer of ours, there is still time to buy something and rectify this.

Okay! Have a great weekend, everybody!


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