REVIEW :: Green Lantern #53

April 23, 2010 at 6:50 pm By:

Is Geoff Johns the only writer at DC who’s capable of churning out incredible comics on a consistent basis? Looking at the company’s output over the last few months, you’d think he was.

I mean, you’ve got the wrap up of the Blackest Night limited series, the first issue of the bi-weekly limited series Brightest Day and then the debut issue of the new Flash ongoing; all three titles were undoubtedly my favorite books recently published by the massive entertainment company.

And, in case you thought Johns was about to start going downhill post-BN, this Wednesday — with the release of Green Lantern No. 53 — he showed that he’s still got a ton of interesting things in store for Hal Jordan and friends.

This latest issue of GL shows Hal catching his breath with supporting cast member Carol Ferris, but the book actually starts out by introducing a brand-new mystery from the earliest days of the Guardians (possibly showing where Parallax went after BN). Johns also peppers this month’s installment with cool cameos from a few multi-colored Lanterns (and a big-time DCU bad guy) and ends with teases to a handful of upcoming comics and story lines.

I’ve written much about Johns over the years, but judging from his current creative offerings, this guy deserves the accolades.


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