Review:: Superman #701

July 23, 2010 at 10:32 am By:

With all the controversy swirling around writer J. Michael Straczynski’s stint on Wonder Woman, it’s a little easy to overlook the fact that he’s also taken over writing chores on Superman.

Plus, the Wonder Woman hype aside, his story line on Supes — titled “Grounded,” about the Last Son of Krypton going for a walk around America — will undoubtedly feature a lot less explosions and punches than Princess Diana’s comic, so folks may be ready to sleep on the title. But, judging from the latest issue of the series (701), it would be in your best interest not to let Superman pass you by.

This month’s tale is the ultimate antithesis of everything Superman’s been about for the last few years; JMS has chucked all the Kryptonian crap (although he references those adventures) and instead surrounds Clark with normal people with normal problems. That sounds boring, I know. But if you read his stint on Thor, you know that JMS is one writer who knows how to handle quiet moments. As seen in his work on the God of Thunder, he’s able to deal with humanity without it coming off like “a very special episode of Superman.”

Every so many years, a superhero comic has to cleanse its palate of convoluted — and overly insular — garbage and get back to stories that are accessible to any reader off the street. It’s Supe’s time for a cleansing … and so far, so good.


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