HEROESCON 2011 :: JUNE 3-5

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 June 3-5, 2011 are the dates you need to block out right now, ‘cause Heroes Convention 2011 is on the calendar! Put in for those vacation days; don’t plan any weddings; graduation NEVER happens first week of June; Memorial Day and all of that NASCAR’s racin’ in Charlotte will be behind us…in other words…HeroesCon is IT! Nothing else can compete!

We say it every year, and we mean it every year! This will be our biggest and best show ever! With almost a full year to plan you will be overwhelmed with what we come up with. HeroesCon this past month was, in our humble opinion, and apparently most everyone’s, the best one ever. The 2011 edition will make you forget all about it!
The website is updated. All of our HeroesCon related forms are ready to roll, so everyone can start buying tickets, exhibitor booths and small press tables. Small press is always a sell out and it comes earlier every year. Look at your calendars now and make the arrangements. Don’t miss out! Stay tuned to the blog and by all means, sign up for the Heroes Hotline newsletter to make sure you get all of the announcements. The initial guest list will be forming soon. We encourage your input. Let us know who you want to meet and what types of programming you want to see. We do this show for you. Get excited! Get involved! We’ll be looking for you next summer!
 (Photos courtesy of Matt Knapik)


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