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We’re pleased to announce that we will be hosting Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting on Wednesday, September 22 from 3-7 pm for the debut of their new collaboration on Fantastic Four #583. 3 starts here. The much talked about new storyline begins and Jonathan and Steve will be here talking about the much hyped mystery.

Relative newcomer Jonathan Hickman, after his early success with Nightly News, has become an important architect for the development of the greater Marvel Universe. With such titles as Secret Warriors and SHIELD gaining acclaim throughout the comics industry he has helped successfully transition Marvel out of it’s Civil War and into a new Heroic Age. And with his old school sensibilities Jonathan has guided Fantastic Four back to it’s rightful place as the worlds greatest comic magazine. And with super-stud artist Steve Epting joining him, the sky is the limit. Steve is one of our oldest buddies. From his run on the Avengers 20 years ago to his award-winning runs with Ed Brubaker on Captain America and Marvels Project Steve has established himself as one of the most consistent and essential pencillers in Marvel‘s long history. We are thrilled to host these two marvels for a special New Comics Day release party for FF #583. The beginning of yet another amazing epic from these talented noggins.

Stop by and get your copy of Fantastic Four #583 signed on Wednesday, September 22! They’ll be in the store from 3 to 7 pm so, be sure to plan YOUR New Comics Day shopping trip to include a moment with Jonathan and Steve. And don’t forget that these two powerhouses have deep catalogues of great work still in print. And if it’s in print, we’ve got it in stock! So look for the massive in-store display and get caught up on all the marvelous stories Jonathan and Steve have given us!


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