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August 13, 2015 By: Shelton Drum Category: EVENTS, On the Road

This Sunday I’ll be at Wes Tillander’s awesome quarterly comic show in Atlanta. http:// www.atlantacomicconvention. com/

And NEXT weekend it will be time for Lyn Anderson’s long running Raleigh Comic Book Show.

Three of my favorite regional shows, back-to-back-to-back! All of these guys have been working hard, for about 20 years, to consistently bring the best group of vendors with tons of COMIC BOOKS to their shows, and I love supporting them. It is always fun and profitable.

Oh, and mine too. -Shelton Drum



November 05, 2014 By: Shelton Drum Category: Comics Industry, NEWS, QuickDraw

This is one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to write. It is with shock, disbelief and great sadness that I share the news that Jeremy Dale has passed away. Jeremy came to HeroesCon about 10 years ago and promptly won the quick-draw contest. The next year he was a working professional and a regular in artist alley. He and his wife Kelly became part of the extended Heroes family. He was talented, funny, supportive, hard-working and way too young. Linda and I, along with the entire Heroes crew, send love and hugs to Kelly and all of our comic family friends that knew and loved Jeremy. He will be missed. Rest in Peace Jeremy. – Shelton Drum



July 31, 2013 By: Shelton Drum Category: EVENTS, On the Road

Shelton_Charlotte_ComiconIt’s been almost 2 months since HeroesCon and all of the pressure, excitement and stress that brings to Heroes and to me personally. The volume builds for months before the show every year and takes some time to settle down afterwards. The one aspect of HeroesCon that I regret every year is that I don’t get to spend enough, if any, time behind my table selling and trading comics with attending fans. I love old comics. I love handling and talking about old comics. I love buying and selling old comics.

My long-time friends and associates in the Charlotte comic-collecting community Rick Fortenberry and Dave Hinson are holding their Charlotte Comicon this Sunday at the Crown Plaza Executive Park Hotel (formerly the Marriott) off of Tyvola Rd and I-77. I love this show! I’ll tell you why. I can go set up my stock of comics and spend a whole day immersed in old funnybooks and talking to local collectors. Many customers are old friends and the war stories and tall tales are fun to recount, but I always meet new fans and collectors every time this show is held. This con is like a day off for me and I can’t wait.

Come join us this Sunday for a full day of fun, collecting and reminiscing about the comics and characters we all love.

*photo by Todd Lacey



June 08, 2012 By: Shelton Drum Category: Guest List, HeroesCon, HeroesCon News

Back by popular demand!!! “True Believer” passes to meet Stan Lee!

That’s right True Believers, Stan has OK’d another round of special VIP status passes for us to offer to you. Only the “True Believer” level pass is available, and not too many of those. The description and online ticket form is here.

You can still buy autographs and fast pass tickets in advance of the HeroesCon, ala carte from Desert Winds Comics, as well as autographs and photographs at the con itself as long as time allows.

Stan is pretty super, but superhuman is still the stuff of comic books! There are no guarantees how many autographs will be available at the show.

Don’t miss out!
Order those “True Believer” passes and advance autograph tickets right now!



October 05, 2011 By: Shelton Drum Category: DISCUSS, EVENTS, Heroes Pop Swap

Have we got a fun announcement for you! Buy! Sell! Trade! Saturday, October 29th 10AM-4PM

Heroes Pop Swap is an idea that I had on the way back from a recent road trip. Before Heroes Convention and the Charlotte Mini-Con and even the Heroes store, local comics fans would gather and trade comics and talk about our hobby. It was usually something like a sidewalk sale put together by a local bookstore and/or newsstand. I remember going to similar events in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Raleigh and the famous Murray Brothers’ backyard and basement gatherings in Durham during the latter half of the 70’s. None of us “old-timers” were official dealers yet. None of us had stores. We just shared a common interest in collecting as well as buying and selling comic books and related stuff.

Click here to reserve your space today!

We thought we’d try to bring back that feeling from those events with the Heroes Pop Swap: Charlotte’s Pop Culture Swap Meet. For a nominal fee anyone can reserve space and sell items from their personal collection to other fans who are sure to give that item a good home. We are also encouraging local artists and artisans to come and sell their art, pop-culture related crafts and comics.

There will be no professional dealers. Professional will be defined by me personally. If you buy and sell comics regularly either at conventions or online you will be excluded from setting up, but I encourage you to come shop! I anticipate a lot cool items being offered.

We want to limit this event to local creators and comics and pop culture enthusiasts who have interesting items from their personal collections that they are willing to sell and self-produced comics and related products. People who are purchasing space are encouraged not only to bring comics but any items falling under the pop culture umbrella. That could be toys, games, music, movies and more.

Reservations are 1st come, 1st served. Click here for the application.

You can reserve 4 ft ($10)-6 ft ($15)-8 ft ($20) space.

We can provide a limited number of tables, if you have your own table you are encouraged to bring it. You will still be charged for the space.

We will provide chairs if needed while supply lasts and you are welcome to bring your own as well.

Set-up starts at 9am, please plan to stay set up until at least 4 PM but you are welcome to stay later if things are going well for you!

Since this event is so close to Halloween don’t be afraid to come in costume. Trick or treating will be part of our advertising for this event, please consider bringing a treat of some sort for the kids (candy, button, stickers, comics etc..).

We think this will be a fun event for everyone involved and if it is successful we’d like to make it something we do few times a year.

Thanks!I look forward to bringing back some of the “old school!”

Shelton Drum






January 13, 2011 By: Shelton Drum Category: DISCUSS, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, NEWS

We are happy to announce that Rico Renzi is the new Creative Director of Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find. He has been working here for the past several months now so it is about time that we officially announce him as an employee. As Creative Director, Rico is responsible for designing our promotional materials and creating the graphics for our website and blog. You have already seen his handiwork on our most recent mailer and in the sidebar of our site. We are thrilled to have his keen eye and dynamic aesthetic to help strengthen and guide the visual presence of Heroes.

(Shelton doesn’t look “thrilled”-rico)

Rico has been in the comics industry for years now as a working colorist. His most recent work includes coloring Chris Brunner‘s covers on Boondock Saints and NOLA (left). They have been working together professionally since 2003 when they did a five-issue story arc on Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight.  Be on the look out for Brunner and Renzi’s upcoming book Loose Ends, which was written by another talented local creator, Jason Latour. Loose Ends, which is slated for release later this year, is a southern crime comic from 12 Gauge Comics
that should appeal to fans of classic crime and noir fiction, comics, and films. Last year, Rico did several projects for Oni, including Stumptown, Frenemy of the State (covers), and a poster that came with Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Boxset (right).

While Rico will be working full time at Heroes, he doesn’t have any plans to stop coloring comics. Hopefully his work at Heroes will help fuel his art and vice versa for years to come.



September 03, 2010 By: Shelton Drum Category: EVENTS, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, NEWS, Store Signings

We’re pleased to announce that we will be hosting Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting on Wednesday, September 22 from 3-7 pm for the debut of their new collaboration on Fantastic Four #583. 3 starts here. The much talked about new storyline begins and Jonathan and Steve will be here talking about the much hyped mystery.

Relative newcomer Jonathan Hickman, after his early success with Nightly News, has become an important architect for the development of the greater Marvel Universe. With such titles as Secret Warriors and SHIELD gaining acclaim throughout the comics industry he has helped successfully transition Marvel out of it’s Civil War and into a new Heroic Age. And with his old school sensibilities Jonathan has guided Fantastic Four back to it’s rightful place as the worlds greatest comic magazine. And with super-stud artist Steve Epting joining him, the sky is the limit. Steve is one of our oldest buddies. From his run on the Avengers 20 years ago to his award-winning runs with Ed Brubaker on Captain America and Marvels Project Steve has established himself as one of the most consistent and essential pencillers in Marvel‘s long history. We are thrilled to host these two marvels for a special New Comics Day release party for FF #583. The beginning of yet another amazing epic from these talented noggins.

Stop by and get your copy of Fantastic Four #583 signed on Wednesday, September 22! They’ll be in the store from 3 to 7 pm so, be sure to plan YOUR New Comics Day shopping trip to include a moment with Jonathan and Steve. And don’t forget that these two powerhouses have deep catalogues of great work still in print. And if it’s in print, we’ve got it in stock! So look for the massive in-store display and get caught up on all the marvelous stories Jonathan and Steve have given us!


HEROESCON 2011 :: JUNE 3-5

July 21, 2010 By: Shelton Drum Category: HeroesCon, NEWS

 June 3-5, 2011 are the dates you need to block out right now, ‘cause Heroes Convention 2011 is on the calendar! Put in for those vacation days; don’t plan any weddings; graduation NEVER happens first week of June; Memorial Day and all of that NASCAR’s racin’ in Charlotte will be behind us…in other words…HeroesCon is IT! Nothing else can compete!

We say it every year, and we mean it every year! This will be our biggest and best show ever! With almost a full year to plan you will be overwhelmed with what we come up with. HeroesCon this past month was, in our humble opinion, and apparently most everyone’s, the best one ever. The 2011 edition will make you forget all about it!
The website is updated. All of our HeroesCon related forms are ready to roll, so everyone can start buying tickets, exhibitor booths and small press tables. Small press is always a sell out and it comes earlier every year. Look at your calendars now and make the arrangements. Don’t miss out! Stay tuned to the blog and by all means, sign up for the Heroes Hotline newsletter to make sure you get all of the announcements. The initial guest list will be forming soon. We encourage your input. Let us know who you want to meet and what types of programming you want to see. We do this show for you. Get excited! Get involved! We’ll be looking for you next summer!
 (Photos courtesy of Matt Knapik)


THIS WEEKEND :: Virginia Comicon!

November 18, 2009 By: Shelton Drum Category: EVENTS, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, NEWS, Other Events


Come to Richmond, Virginia this weekend, November 21-22, and support the Virginia Comicon! Our good friends Brett Carreras and Guy Rose are pulling out all the stops promoting Richmond’s first two-day comic convention in over 25 years! The guest line-up is fantastic, several cool exclusives will be available, and tons of great comics, old and new, will be available for sale to add to your collections. Including our rather impressive stock I might add.

I’ve been on the road a lot this past year, especially this Fall, and everywhere I’ve been, Brett has been there too, promoting the heck out of this show. The VA Comicon boasts a heavy-hitting line up of comic creators including Larry Hama, Chris Claremont, Chuck Dixon, Billy Tucci, Randy Green, Mike McKone, Budd Root, Andy Smith, Alex Saviuk and many more. There will be a full schedule of programming including a panel with Marc Nathan, the owner of the Baltimore Comic-Con, Brett and ME, talking about our comic conventions and how we do what we do.

Up to the minute info and announcements will be made.

witchblade_132-fc_vacomicon-bw_420pxRandy Green has produced an exclusive holiday themed cover for the VA Comicon edition of Witchblade #132. The first 1000 paid admissions get a copy of this “Sweet Christmas!” variant for FREE! There will also be a extremely limited sketch variant cover produced as a thank-you to the attending exhibitors and guests. I’ll be giving my copy away to some lucky customer before the show is over. Just print out the attached 20% off coupon and use it at my table this weekend to be entered into the drawing for this hot collectible.

I can’t wait for this weekend! I’m going to have a blast and I know you will too!

I’ll see you all in Richmond!



ALOHA :: Rusty Baily!

August 28, 2009 By: Shelton Drum Category: Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, NEWS


Well, it’s with much joy and an equal amount of sadness that we say goodbye to our good friend and fellow HERO, Rusty Baily. He declared way back in the spring that he was movin’ to Hawaii, but I think we all thought/hoped he was either kidding or would change his mind. He’s sold, or given away, almost everything he owns but his eco-friendly Prius, 3 or 4 suitcases of clothes, his awesome pooch “Q,” and of course his Luke Cage collection. He and Q are taking off in the Prius Tuesday for the West coast and a flight to paradise about a week later. So I guess he is really doing it!

I’ve known Rusty for over 20 years! First as an enthusiastic 12 year old comic collector, and for the past 5 or 6 years as friend, neighbor and part-time employee. He’s still as enthusiastic as when he first came in the store and just a pleasure to be around. His work ethic and conscience will be hard to replace. He’s always been ready to jump in wherever he was needed and work extra days and overtime especially around HeroesCon time. I think we all are a little jealous that Rusty has the guts and ambition to take such a step. Heroes is going to miss you Rusty! We wish you all the best, and hurry up and get that big ‘ole house on the beach ready. We’re all coming for a vacation!