Spotlight on New Releases: September 9

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Due to the Labor Day holiday don’t forget that new books will arrive tomorrow, September 9.  Last week was a large publishing week, but if you peruse our new releases page you’ll see that there are several interesting offerings from Marvel, DC, and more.  Here’s a rundown of books you might want to consider.

1) Batman and Robin #14, Batman #703

With Batman and Robin, Grant Morrison has provided us with arguably one of the most enjoyable Batman titles in a decade.  In issue #14 he and artist Frazer Irving give us part 2 of their 3 part story that makes the new Batman and Robin have to work together in order to survive.  Irving’s done a nice job interpreting the character, and with only one issue left before Bruce Wayne’s return the tension should build in this week’s issue.  Bat-fans should also be aware of this week’s Batman #703 where writer Peter Milligan and artist Tony Daniel focus on Bruce Wayne’s return alongside several supporting cast members.

2) Amazing Spider-man #’s 641, 642

What?  Two issues of Amazing Spider-man this week?  That’s right, we’ll see the conclusion to Joe Quesada and Paolo Rivera‘s ‘One Moment in Time’ arc in issue #641, and the first part of the ‘Origin of the Species’ storyline featuring Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta.  Both issues also feature the continuing Spidey Sunday stories by Stan Lee and Marcos Martin.  Plenty of reasons to pick up Amazing this week, but if you need one more check out the fancy cover to #642 by cover artist extraordinaire Marko Djurdjevic!

3) Daytripper #10

The final issue of Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon‘s critically acclaimed Daytripper series hits the shelves this week!  The series has been a favorite of many of our customers and staff and has proven to be a title that stirs up lots of speculation and discussion.  If you’ve followed the story thus far you’ll want to make sure to pick this one up, and if you’re a fan of either of the creator’s other works you might want to hunt down some of the back issues.  For more on Daytripper, see my review of the series posted yesterday on the Heroes blog.

4) Invaders Now! #1

Spearheaded by Alex Ross, co-written by Christos Gage, and illustrated by Caio Reiss, this series brings the Invaders into the modern world.  With as classic a team as Marvel has produced, including members Captain America, Namor, the Human Torch, Toro, Spitfire, and Union Jack, it will be interesting to see how the original members interact with not only the modern world, but also new incarnations of their namesakes.  How do characters with so much history face the strange world of 2010?  Alex Ross is known for his work on classic characters but I’m especially glad he enlisted Christos Gage to help out with this book.  Gage’s recent work on Avengers Academy is some of the best of the Avengers line of books, and he should do a fine job working with these storied characters.

5) Weird War Tales #1

Another classic title gets revamped this week as DC’s Weird War Tales gets a one shot treatment courtesy of creators like Ivan Brandon, Gabriel Hardman, Nic Klein, and Darwyn Cooke!  Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein might be familiar to some of you as the creative team behind the popular Viking series from Image Comics.  If you’re a fan of that title you might want to give this book a look.  I was also excited to see that Darwyn Cooke not only provided the awesome cover art, but apparently provides some interior work as well.  Who wouldn’t want to see a Weird War Tale from Darwyn?

> Other new releases this week worth a brief mention:  Daken: Dark Wolverine #1 by Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu, and Giuseppi Camuncoli, Cuba: My Revolution HC by Inverna Lockpez and Dean Haspiel, Justice League Generation Lost #9 by Judd Winick and Fernando Dagnino, Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities and the Ghastly Fiend of London by Eric Powell and Kyle Hotz, and the Dr. Horrible TP featuring work by Zack Whedon, Jim Rugg, Joelle Jones, and Eric Canete.  Make sure you check our New Release section for a complete list of this week’s new titles!


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