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We have several new additions to the HeroesCon 2011 Guest List to announce today! The first is John Beatty! He has been a regular guest at HeroesCon since the second one! That is an impressive feat! Almost as impressive as his work as an inker. He has worked on some of the best comics around, like Captain American, Batman, JLA, Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos, Secret Wars and tons more. Beatty currently works for the DC Licensing Department creating style guide art that is used in DC licensed products.

Also new to the guest list is Marc Deering. His most recent work includes inking for Supergirl, Adventure Comics and Spike: The Devil You Know. He has also worked on Forgotten Realms and Grimm Fairy Tales. He is an incredibly talented artist (just check out the Joker piece that he posted on his deviantART page) and we are happy to have him back for another year!

And we have yet another inker to announce! Eisner Award winning Jose Marzan, Jr. is probably best known for his work on Y: The Last Man and The Flash but he has worked on about a billion other titles. He is quite a prolific artist and has been in the industry for over 25 years! His most recent work includes Jack of Fables, House of Mystery and Army of Two.

And now for a change of pace we have a penciller! Koi Turnbull‘s recent work includes titles for Marvel and DC like New Warriors and Terror, Inc. But he really made a name for himself with his work at Aspen Comics particularly on Fathom and Aspen Seasons. Currently he is a member of the Atlanta based HeadHunta’ Studios.

That concludes our Guest List additions for today, but stay tuned shortly for a couple Indie Island Guest List additions. AND keep checking back with us over the next couples weeks because we have some more announcements to make!


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