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We are happy to announce that Rico Renzi is the new Creative Director of Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find. He has been working here for the past several months now so it is about time that we officially announce him as an employee. As Creative Director, Rico is responsible for designing our promotional materials and creating the graphics for our website and blog. You have already seen his handiwork on our most recent mailer and in the sidebar of our site. We are thrilled to have his keen eye and dynamic aesthetic to help strengthen and guide the visual presence of Heroes.

(Shelton doesn’t look “thrilled”-rico)

Rico has been in the comics industry for years now as a working colorist. His most recent work includes coloring Chris Brunner‘s covers on Boondock Saints and NOLA (left). They have been working together professionally since 2003 when they did a five-issue story arc on Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight.  Be on the look out for Brunner and Renzi’s upcoming book Loose Ends, which was written by another talented local creator, Jason Latour. Loose Ends, which is slated for release later this year, is a southern crime comic from 12 Gauge Comics
that should appeal to fans of classic crime and noir fiction, comics, and films. Last year, Rico did several projects for Oni, including Stumptown, Frenemy of the State (covers), and a poster that came with Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Boxset (right).

While Rico will be working full time at Heroes, he doesn’t have any plans to stop coloring comics. Hopefully his work at Heroes will help fuel his art and vice versa for years to come.


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