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It’s that time again! San Diego Comic-Con is upon us and Shelton will be heading out first thing Wednesday morning to join the frenzy. He’s scouting for great guests for Heroes Convention’s big 30th anniversary show next year, June 22nd – 24th! If you have any sugestions for the boss be sure to let us know by e-mailing me here. If any of our loyal custies have any requests for comic-con exclusives they can e-mail me directly. Keep in mind that all requests are limited by availability and time constraints, so you might not get what you request even if you throw your hat in the ring first. But if you don’t ask you’ll never know! So be sure to send in any requests before Friday the 22nd and Shelton will do his best (assisted by the ever-gleeful Matt Knapik!) to fufill your wish lists. And don’t forget to wish our very own Bridgit “Good Luck!” while she’s at the convention promoting her web comic, Brother Nash.


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