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We’ve been hoping that for our 30th Anniversary show we could assemble some of the folks that were on that very first HeroesCon guest list back in 1982 and today we’re happy to announce that two of them, GEORGE PÉREZMARV WOLFMAN join already announced inaugural HeroesCon guests Pat Broderick and Butch Guice! Neither one of these guys really needs and introduction but just in case you’re new to comics, these two co-created the New Teen Titans and joined forces again for one of the biggest events in comics history Crisis on Infinite Earths. George Pérez is also known for long runs on Wonder Woman and his detailed work on Avengers. George has been always been an avid supporter of Shelton and HeroesCon since before that first show in 1982 and we consider him part of our family. Marv Wolfman also co-created Blade a character that has since been turned into a very successful movie franchise and Destiny which was later used by Neil Gaiman in his highly regarded Sandman series.

Earl Norem is primarily known for his painted covers for Marvel Comics books and magazines like Savage Sword of ConanSilver Surfer, Amazing Spider-Man, Rampaging Hulk. Over his five-decade career Norem also brought his colorful, expressive, and dynamic style to covers for novels, box-design for toys (Masters of the Universe), gaming books, movie posters, baseball programs, and trading cards.

CLAYTON HENRY– Artist: Uncanny X-men, Incredible Hercules, Archer and Armstrong
ERIC LAYTON – Inker: Grim Ghost, Ex Machina, New X-Men, Venom
ANDREW PEPOY – Artist: Fables, The Simpsons, The Adventures of Simone & Ajax
TOMMY SMITH – Artist: Starship Troopers, The Hunger, Marvel Masterpieces Sketch Cards
MATT WILSON – Colorist: Wonder Woman, X Men: Season One, Phonogram
MATT WEBB – Colorist: Flesh and Blood, Next Men, Hawkman, Star Trek
THOM ZAHLER – Creator: Love and Capes, Deadbeats, Stan Lee NHL Guardian Project

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