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but before I do, I really need to say something and then thank some folks individually.
First of all– we did it. ¬†70 panels!! Some scoffed, some laughed, some pitied, some checked to see if my medication was current–some did all four but I can confidently say that we offered something for everyone.–and our moderators, panelists, volunteers and¬†audience members all delivered! My thanks in no particular order:
  • To Laura Martin and Val Staples for taking a techno-disaster and turning the Coloring Panel into a fascinating hour and a half for all the attendees who stuck it out!
  • Special thanks must go out to Becky Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, Roger Langridge, Scott Snyder, Steve Saffel and Mike Mignola for each agreeing to appear on so many panels. ¬†Thank you all for giving so selflessly of your time!
  • To my all-star moderators– DapperDoug(the¬†M¬†is silent)Merkle, SNAPS!, Dustin Harbin,¬†our Mod RookiesSeth Peagler & Heather Peagler from Exile on Plain Street and Not so DapperJason (Stone Ground) Wheatley,¬†¬†and of course our out of town internet ringers–Mike Eury (Back Issue), Jimmy¬†Aquino (Comic News Insider), Chad Bowers (Awesome Hospital), Tim Callahan (Genius Boy Firemelon), Cap Blackard (Consequence of Sound), B. Clay Moore,¬†Heidi MacDonald from¬†The Beat and Johanna Draper Carlson from¬†Comics Worth Reading.

Chris Pitzer, Pants, & Scott C.

  • To all the concerned innocent by-standers and convention-goers who offered assistance because they were convinced I was having some kind of psychotic episode. ¬†(Typical weekend joke: How can you locate Andy on the Con floor? ¬†Just find the area directly below the circling vultures)
  • To my brain trust of Craig Fisher, Chris Schweizer, Mike Kobre and Steve Saffel and that intense hour that was the Comics Canon Panel. ¬†Who’d of thought a hoard of agitated librarians would make such a rabble-rousing lynch-mob/panel audience. ¬†We must do that again next year!!
  • To Jaime Hernandez for providing two of the best hours I’ve ever spent discussing comics. The man is as eloquent and entertaining as he is a great artist. ¬†I am certain we could have stayed and listened to him of another two hours¬†at least.
  • To Ben Towles and Craig Fisher the brains behind the brilliant¬†1982 mega-panel. ¬†Every year they impress. ¬†And thanks for letting me prattle on about¬†Master¬†of Kung¬†Fu. ¬†what a comic! what a panel! what complimenting!
  • To Jere Thomas and his WTVI posse for helping to make this special weekend even more special. ¬†Sorry I was unable to make¬†our post-con interview– the spirit was willing but the flesh (my tendon in particular) was weak.
  • To¬†¬†Michaele¬†Autry and¬†Trey¬†Alexander for organizing an art auction for the ages that left us all gasping and spending! ¬†I still say that Frankenstein water color by Bill Sienkiewicz was the best piece!
  • To the entire Heroes staff and volunteers (and especially Shelley¬†(Conun) Drum!!) for keeping the Stan Lee situation under control. ¬†Truly you all showed Grace under¬†Pressure. ¬†This all culminated in our great¬†Stan Lee Panel Row Shuffling Incident (as it would come to be called)¬†that you had to see to believe.

The Unflappable ‚ĄĘ Adam Daughhetee

But most of all…¬†I must thank THE PANEL DREAM TEAM: (Valiant) Val Staples!, Kate (Indivisible) Nation, Matt Tyree, Lauren Dillard, Pants, Emily Joyner and the Unflappable ‚ĄĘ¬†Adam¬†Daughhetee, Shawn¬†Daughhetee, ¬†Devin Bannen and that Ted Tarver person.
You made¬†everything work. ¬†I can’t thank you enough.
And thank you all for laughing at the same 10 jokes over and over and over–next year– 10 all new jokes, I promise!
And our utility infielder Professor John Larison of SCAD take a bow!
And of course-
Rico Renzi, Karla Marsh and Shelton Drum for having faith that we could tame that 70 panel gorilla. ¬†Rico your leadership skills are amazing. ¬†And Shelton— here’s to 30 more! ¬†I can hardly wait!

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