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but before I do, I really need to say something and then thank some folks individually.
First of all– we did it.  70 panels!! Some scoffed, some laughed, some pitied, some checked to see if my medication was current–some did all four but I can confidently say that we offered something for everyone.–and our moderators, panelists, volunteers and audience members all delivered! My thanks in no particular order:
  • To Laura Martin and Val Staples for taking a techno-disaster and turning the Coloring Panel into a fascinating hour and a half for all the attendees who stuck it out!
  • Special thanks must go out to Becky Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, Roger Langridge, Scott Snyder, Steve Saffel and Mike Mignola for each agreeing to appear on so many panels.  Thank you all for giving so selflessly of your time!
  • To my all-star moderators– DapperDoug(the M is silent)Merkle, SNAPS!, Dustin Harbin, our Mod RookiesSeth Peagler & Heather Peagler from Exile on Plain Street and Not so DapperJason (Stone Ground) Wheatley,  and of course our out of town internet ringers–Mike Eury (Back Issue), Jimmy Aquino (Comic News Insider), Chad Bowers (Awesome Hospital), Tim Callahan (Genius Boy Firemelon), Cap Blackard (Consequence of Sound), B. Clay MooreHeidi MacDonald from The Beat and Johanna Draper Carlson from Comics Worth Reading.

Chris Pitzer, Pants, & Scott C.

  • To all the concerned innocent by-standers and convention-goers who offered assistance because they were convinced I was having some kind of psychotic episode.  (Typical weekend joke: How can you locate Andy on the Con floor?  Just find the area directly below the circling vultures)
  • To my brain trust of Craig Fisher, Chris Schweizer, Mike Kobre and Steve Saffel and that intense hour that was the Comics Canon Panel.  Who’d of thought a hoard of agitated librarians would make such a rabble-rousing lynch-mob/panel audience.  We must do that again next year!!
  • To Jaime Hernandez for providing two of the best hours I’ve ever spent discussing comics. The man is as eloquent and entertaining as he is a great artist.  I am certain we could have stayed and listened to him of another two hours at least.
  • To Ben Towles and Craig Fisher the brains behind the brilliant 1982 mega-panel.  Every year they impress.  And thanks for letting me prattle on about Master of Kung Fu.  what a comic! what a panel! what complimenting!
  • To Jere Thomas and his WTVI posse for helping to make this special weekend even more special.  Sorry I was unable to make our post-con interview– the spirit was willing but the flesh (my tendon in particular) was weak.
  • To  Michaele Autry and Trey Alexander for organizing an art auction for the ages that left us all gasping and spending!  I still say that Frankenstein water color by Bill Sienkiewicz was the best piece!
  • To the entire Heroes staff and volunteers (and especially Shelley (Conun) Drum!!) for keeping the Stan Lee situation under control.  Truly you all showed Grace under Pressure.  This all culminated in our great Stan Lee Panel Row Shuffling Incident (as it would come to be called) that you had to see to believe.

The Unflappable ™ Adam Daughhetee

But most of all… I must thank THE PANEL DREAM TEAM: (Valiant) Val Staples!, Kate (Indivisible) Nation, Matt Tyree, Lauren Dillard, Pants, Emily Joyner and the Unflappable ™ Adam Daughhetee, Shawn Daughhetee,  Devin Bannen and that Ted Tarver person.
You made everything work.  I can’t thank you enough.
And thank you all for laughing at the same 10 jokes over and over and over–next year– 10 all new jokes, I promise!
And our utility infielder Professor John Larison of SCAD take a bow!
And of course-
Rico Renzi, Karla Marsh and Shelton Drum for having faith that we could tame that 70 panel gorilla.  Rico your leadership skills are amazing.  And Shelton— here’s to 30 more!  I can hardly wait!

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