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CAROLINA CAMERA with WBTV’s John Carter – Exploring Shelton’s Comic Book Collection

November 08, 2023 By: Karla Southern Category: DISCUSS, Exclusives, Feast Your Eyes, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, Interviews, NEWS, Now Read This!, Vintage Comics

WBTV’s Carolina Camera gets behind the scenes with Shelton Drum and his comic collection

WBTV’s John Carter brought his Carolina Camera behind the scenes with Heroes own Shelton Drum to take a peek into Shelton’s vast collection of comic books that spans all generations. Shelton has been collecting comic books since he was 10 years old, and he has no intentions of stopping!

If you are looking for a specific comic, there’s a good chance Shelton might have it, and if you’re looking to SELL a collection of comics (especially from the 1970’s and earlier) there’s a good chance Shelton is looking to BUY them too!

You can stop by our store, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find located at 417 Pecan Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204 any day of the week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas…we close TWICE a year!), or you can send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] if you have comic collecting questions!

Our MANY THANKS to John Carter and his Carolina Camera for shining a light down the halls of comic-collecting!


HEROESCON 2023 Recap :: Photo Galleries, Videos, and MORE!

July 11, 2023 By: Karla Southern Category: DISCUSS, Feast Your Eyes, HeroesCon, HeroesCon News, HeroesCon Panels, Interviews, NEWS, Now Read This!, Opinion, Photos, Reviews, This Just In

Got a video, photo album, podcast or other HeroesCon 2023 memory that you would like us to share?
Email Us At: [email protected]

Photo Albums:

Fablegraph 3-D Photos:

Cardinal & Pine

Geno’s Comics:

Audio Panel Recordings:

Comic News Insider:

Comic News Insider

Cartoonist Kayfabe

On the NEWS!
Examining The Evolving Comic Book Market Ahead Of The Heroes Convention

Weekend Events Expected To Attract Thousands To Charlotte

HeroesCon brings comic and superhero fans to Charlotte, NC

Youtube Videos:


Panel for John Romita Sr


HeroesCon 2023 | Complete Walkthrough | It’s truly about comic books, the artists, and the writers.


Heroes Convention 2023


HeroesCon 2023

Heroes Con 2023 Tour Recap | Review | Haul

Legion of Comics Community Hangout HeroesCon 2023 Recap and Chat

Daniel Warren Johnson GRAIL PIECE | Heroes Con 2023




So I Went to Heroescon 2023 – Wow


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Episode 16 Heroes Con!


Hometown Heroes, HeroesCon 2023


Toy & Comic Book Hunting @ HEROESCON 2023 Charlotte NC


Heroes Convention 2023 “Heroes Con” – Charlotte, NC – What Deals Can You Find on Sunday?


HeroesCon 2023: Exploring the Show Floor | GENO’S COMICS


Heroes Convention 2023 Cosplay Highlights in 4K!


Heroes Con 2023 Day 1 Recap – CGC unprepared for demand: Ep. 206

Heroes Con 2023 Day 2 Recap – Signatures and CGC: Ep. 207

Heroes Con 2023 Day 3 Recap – On the Hunt for Hulk 181: Ep. 209


Heroes Con 2023 Walkthrough!

HeroesCon 2023 Cosplay


Heroes Con 2023 Brian Stelfreeze Storm Auction painting time lapse video
Brian Stelfreeze paints Roberto Clemente Heroes Con 2023


VR180 HeroesCon 2023

@KENTPOOLCollects Toy Hunt Heroes Con 23 Night One Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Cosplay Comics Anime Funko

Toy Hunt Heroes Con 23 Day Two Comics Cosplay Anime YouTube Friends Mythic Legions Figure Score!

Toy Hunt Heroes Con Day 3 Mythic Legions Haul Legions Con Day 2 Exclusive information Ish Con 2023




Heroes Con 2023 Artist Alley Recap | Best Convention So Far?

Live at Heroes Con! The Sites, The Sounds, The Great Comic Book Based Convention!


HeroesCon 2023 Comic Haul


Heroes Con 2023!!


Heroes Con 2023 – Lets Talk About It


I Survived HeroesCon 2023. Show Recap.


Heroes Con 2023 Haul w/ Bonus Content! #comics #comicbooks #comicconvention #spiderman #grail


Our Favorite Heroes Con 2023 Finds!

Meet The Collectors from HeroesCON 2023 & Recap





YouTube Shorts:

HEROESCON 2023 is a wrap! – YouTube

Heroes Con 2023! – YouTube

heroes con 2023 art auction part 1 – YouTube

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Heroes Convention at the Charlotte Convention Center – YouTube

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Fun short with Bill Cox from Heroes con #comicbookart #comiccon

Jim Steranko HeroesCon 2023 SCORE! King Size Hulk 1#hulk #incredibleHulk #marvel #comics #heroescon

Skottie Young Art Auction At Heroes Con #youtubeshorts #shorts #comiccon

Heroes Convention 2023 Pops straight chilling with comic legend Don Simpson

incredible hulk 5 cgc 2.5 #heroescon #hulk #marvel #cgc #cgccomics #comicbooks #incrediblehulk

HeroesCon Art Auction: Maihack #shorts

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Awesome Four Horsemen Mythic Legions Custom figures at Heroes Con 23

Come see us! #heroescon #heroescon2023 #artistalley #crochet #crochetplushies

Cosmic Update: Going to HeroesCon #Shorts

Comics, Comics, & Comics @ HeroesCon #shorts

Heroes con set up . See something you like let me know with interest See the website for new art

TikTok, Podcasts & Others!
Heroescon 2023! Whose gonna be there??

Artist’s Alley Aftermath: HeroesCon 2023 | Faith & Fandom

HeroesCon: The Ultimate Comic Convention Experience On Father’s Day Weekend – LRM

HeroesCon 2023 Recap: Artist Interactions, Convention Hauls, and Tips For Saving and Spending Money At A Comic Convention

Download the PDF with links:



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Heroes welcomes Comic-Book Publishers
Wednesday, February 20: 1PM-3PM

Come celebrate the Valiant’s action-packed comic INCURSION #1 and get a SUPER TOP SECRET look at upcoming comic books from Valiant Entertainment!
Or get your portfolio reviewed by a pro?! Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers, Sales & Social Media Manager Emily Hecht, and Sales & Live Events Manager Julia Walchuk will be at Heroes to offer their insight and advice!!
This is sure to be a fun and insightful look at the world of comics, so don’t miss it!



September 25, 2015 By: Rico Renzi Category: DISCUSS, EVENTS, Interviews, Store Signings


We recorded a great little interview with Mike Zeck while he was in town for his signing. Check it out!


Exclusives available while supplies last at
Video by Matt Tyndall, Jere Thomas, and Erik Button



August 15, 2013 By: Rico Renzi Category: DISCUSS, HeroesCon, Interviews


Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (TMSIDK) is the interview podcast hosted by cartoonists Jim Rugg, Jasen Lex and Ed Piskor at¬†Boing Boing. This year the TMSIDK guys had the rare opportunity to sit down with our fearless leader Shelton Drum and talk about his career as a comics retailer and convention organizer. It’s a great talk so check it out; you may even learn something you didn’t know about Shelton! Thanks to TMSIDK, Boing Boing and our tireless Panel Coordinator Andy Mansell. The great sound on this recording is provided by Adam Daughhetee.¬†

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]



May 14, 2013 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Guest List, HeroesCon, Interviews

With HeroesCon less than one month away, I’m happy to bring our blog readers this interview with the talented Ed Piskor.¬† Ed’s already had a notable career, including work on original graphic novels like Wizzywig and collaborations with Harvey Pekar on The Beats and Macedonia.¬† You may have heard industry rumblings about Ed’s newest project, Hip Hop Family Tree.¬† Aside from being one of the most comprehensive sequential studies of a genre that’s ever been undertaken, it’s a work that’s already receiving due respect and acclaim from both the comics and music communities.¬† Make sure to stop by Ed’s table next month at HeroesCon and see why everyone’s talking about this book.
Seth Peagler (SP): Ed,¬†I’ve known you for a few years now, and it seems like every time I’ve run into you, we’ve talked a little bit about this book-in-progress.¬† Through those conversations and preparing for this interview, I realized that Hip Hop Family Tree is something you’ve been living with and building toward for a long time.¬† How long do you think you’ve been consciously or subconsciously developing this book, and what made you want to collect it in this format now?
Ed Piskor (EP): I’ve been drawing comics incorporating classic Hip Hop imagery for as long as I’ve been drawing comics. I remember some of my earliest comic attempts in High School were like Hip Hop wannabe versions of Love and Rockets. Looking back at old interviews and stuff I found this interview from 2009 where I talk about wanting to do a Hip Hop comic.
“While working on “Wizzywig,” Piskor listens to old school hip-hop music¬† for inspiration. When “Wizzywig” wraps, his next big project will be a¬† history of hip-hop that focuses on the Boogie-Down Bronx and DJ Scott La Rock. He promises it will be exhaustive.”
Because it’s going to be an all encompassing and comprehensive work, it’s going to take forever to tell the entire story the way I want it to be told. In this day and age of the ADHD internet attention span, I felt it best to produce maybe one book a year to keep up a presence. Otherwise, I’d have to disappear for a decade and emerge with a doorstop of a comic, and that’s not quite sustainable or necessary. Some eras are more important to some people than others. A 100+ book per year feels right.
SP: A big part of the draw of the book for me is that you’re going back to the real roots of Hip Hop and tracing its progression over the years.¬† Even though I know you’re a fan, did you consult many sources outside of the music?¬† Are there many definitive histories of Hip Hop that you could even consult?
EP: There were some interesting things to look at while writing the book. It’s necessary to know the political/economic climate at the time. The fine art scene plays an integral role in the development of early Hip Hop as well, which many people might not know. If it wasn’t for the downtown scene gravitating toward graffiti culture it could have all died out in the early 80s.
There are several good books to reference out there, but, there are also 30 years of interviews with everybody who matters which are accessible either online, in magazines, or youtube. My goal is to take all the best stuff I can find from everywhere and distill it into a fun comix narrative. A tough goal, but, it’s what I’m shooting for, nonetheless.
SP: Along the way of writing and drawing the book, did you stumble across any lesser known artists whose stories you felt you needed to include?¬† Since it’s essentially a history of the genre, did you feel compelled to tell it chronologically, or did you allow yourself to veer from that path at any point?
EP: Being a fan of Rap music already, this project gives me the chance to fill in the gaps of my knowledge. I’m not necessarily discovering new people to cover, but, I’m discovering what makes certain, more obscure people, important in the greater scheme of things.
This first book is fairly linear but we’re going to veer off and project things into the future here and there as the project moves forward, because I will be talking about certain people who may not have contributed much in, say 1982, but went on to do great things by 89 and if we handle it linearly, you’ll have forgotten their intro. Not sure if that makes sense. I guess the best example would be one of the newer strips I’ve done which will be in book 2, about the Jonzun Crew.
SP: As a musician and someone who is just starting to write comics that incorporate elements of music within my stories, I’ve run into some difficulty conveying the gravity of rhythm and melody on a page.¬† I’ve seen several of your pages where you seem to not only capture the energy of specific artists and their charismatic stage performances, but also convey the communal aspects of an impacting live show.¬† How did you go about capturing the specific musical identities of these performers through the art of comics?
EP: During such sequences the characters need to be larger than life and maybe even downright Kirbyesque if/when possible. The Hip Hop Family Tree, however, is more about the actual relationships that went into creating hip hop rather than just focusing on the music.
SP: I’d like to bring up one of your earlier books, The Beats.¬† For those who aren’t familiar with it, in it you collaborated with the late, great Harvey Pekar, one of comics’ true innovators of journalism and memoir.¬† Of course, the Beats chronicled historical and cultural figures within the Beat movement, but I’d imagine you learned a lot from working with Pekar on that specific book that might have been beneficial for you on this project.¬† Were there any memories of collaborating with Pekar that resonated with you while you worked on Hip Hop Family Tree?
EP: I think working with Harv on The Beats gave me a strong clue into how to move the narrative along. Between each panel, days, months, or years can go by, and deconstructing Harv’s work gave me a roadmap for how to keep things tight. How to choose the correct moments to cover. Things like that.
SP: From what I’ve seen and read, Hip Hop Family Tree kind of stands alone as a unique chronicle of music in comics form.¬† I’m excited that Fantagraphics is publishing the book, and I know you’re already receiving critical praise from comics journalists.¬† Have you had much feedback from Hip Hop artists and journalists who cover the music?
EP: Yep, my phone number now seems to be within a network of rappers and journalists because I will randomly get calls from people at any hour of the day or night and it’s always a pleasant surprise. I don’t want to be a name dropper though. Everybody seems really into it and it’s creating a situation where I’m able to get some precious info that will enrich the story and that’s a cool bi-product that I wasn’t expecting. It’s cool too when different musicians tweet the strips. It helps propagate the material and spread the work.
Now that I have a handful of really cool people into the comic, whenever some random schmo has silly stuff to say, it gives me ammo to cut them down like “Oh that’s too bad you don’t like it, as long as “x” likes it, I guess I’ll just have to deal with that.”
SP: Finally, I’m wondering if you’ve allowed yourself to think about what kind of project you might want to work on next?
EP: Another thing about this project is that with the scope of the story I’m trying to tell, I know what I’m going to be working on for the foreseeable future.
SP: Thanks again to Ed for taking time¬†out of¬†his busy schedule for an interview.¬† Make sure you make¬†it a point to stop by his table next month¬†at HeroesCon.¬†¬†His original art is something you’ll definitely want to see.¬† Remember to pick up Hip Hop Family Tree when it hits the shelves.¬† Rest assured, myself and other Heroes staffers will be talking about it when it does.


February 20, 2013 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Interviews

If you’re familiar with the work of Matt Kindt, you know he’s one of the hardest working creators in comics. Over the past several years he’s received critical acclaim for his graphic novels Super Spy, 3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man, Revolver, and Pistolwhip.¬† More recently, you’ve probably seen his work on Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. and in Mind Mgmt, the monthly¬†Dark Horse¬†title he writes, illustrates and designs.¬† Kindt’s previous graphic novels suggest he possesses one of the more original voices in comics.¬† Now¬†with¬†Mind Mgmt, not only do you have further support for his originality, but you’re getting monthly examples of it.¬† For a deeper look at Mind Mgmt, check out my review of issues 1-5 HERE.¬† In the meantime, enjoy the interview.

Seth Peagler (SP): Mind Mgmt is your first big monthly book, but it’s also one where you’re writing, illustrating and directing the design of every aspect of it. What were some things that contributed to your decision to tackle something of this scale at this point in your career?

Matt Kindt (MK): Well, to be honest, I feel like graphic novels were getting too easy from a creative stand point. I was getting a little bored. And I was tired of disappearing for a year to finish a book and then launching a book and disappearing again. Now I get to launch a new issue every month and get a little more interaction with readers. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever go back to a GN format. I’m having way too much fun doing a monthly series. (more…)



October 29, 2012 By: Seth Peagler Category: DISCUSS, Interviews

Over the past several years, writer Matt Fraction has produced a varied body of work, ranging from big company events like Fear Itself, to smaller, character driven books like Immortal Iron Fist.¬†¬†Let’s not forget he also managed to write¬†fifty-plus issues of Invincible Iron Man and still maintains¬†creator owned projects like Casanova.¬†¬†Fraction currently reunited with Iron Fist collaborator David Aja¬†on¬†the critically acclaimed Hawkeye series, and is taking over Fantastic Four and FF as¬†part of the¬†Marvel Now event.¬† Plus, Image announced that he’ll be working on even more upcoming creator¬†owned titles for them in the near future.¬† With all these irons in the fire, Matt still¬†found¬†time to¬†answer a few questions, and I¬†appreciate it.

Seth Peagler (SP): First off, congratulations on what ended up being a long and successful run on¬†Invincible Iron Man. Have you had a chance to reflect on your tenure? (more…)


HEROESCON 2012 :: I’d like to Thank the Academy…

July 02, 2012 By: Andy Mansell Category: HeroesCon, HeroesCon News, Interviews, Schedule

but before I do, I really need to say something and then thank some folks individually.
First of all– we did it. ¬†70 panels!! Some scoffed, some laughed, some pitied, some checked to see if my medication was current–some did all four but I can confidently say that we offered something for everyone.–and our moderators, panelists, volunteers and¬†audience members all delivered! My thanks in no particular order:
  • To Laura Martin and Val Staples for taking a techno-disaster and turning the Coloring Panel into a fascinating hour and a half for all the attendees who stuck it out!
  • Special thanks must go out to Becky Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, Roger Langridge, Scott Snyder, Steve Saffel and Mike Mignola for each agreeing to appear on so many panels. ¬†Thank you all for giving so selflessly of your time!
  • To my all-star moderators– DapperDoug(the¬†M¬†is silent)Merkle, SNAPS!, Dustin Harbin,¬†our Mod RookiesSeth Peagler & Heather Peagler from Exile on Plain Street and Not so DapperJason (Stone Ground) Wheatley,¬†¬†and of course our out of town internet ringers–Mike Eury (Back Issue), Jimmy¬†Aquino (Comic News Insider), Chad Bowers (Awesome Hospital), Tim Callahan (Genius Boy Firemelon), Cap Blackard (Consequence of Sound), B. Clay Moore,¬†Heidi MacDonald from¬†The Beat and Johanna Draper Carlson from¬†Comics Worth Reading.

Chris Pitzer, Pants, & Scott C.

  • To all the concerned innocent by-standers and convention-goers who offered assistance because they were convinced I was having some kind of psychotic episode. ¬†(Typical weekend joke: How can you locate Andy on the Con floor? ¬†Just find the area directly below the circling vultures)
  • To my brain trust of Craig Fisher, Chris Schweizer, Mike Kobre and Steve Saffel and that intense hour that was the Comics Canon Panel. ¬†Who’d of thought a hoard of agitated librarians would make such a rabble-rousing lynch-mob/panel audience. ¬†We must do that again next year!!
  • To Jaime Hernandez for providing two of the best hours I’ve ever spent discussing comics. The man is as eloquent and entertaining as he is a great artist. ¬†I am certain we could have stayed and listened to him of another two hours¬†at least.
  • To Ben Towles and Craig Fisher the brains behind the brilliant¬†1982 mega-panel. ¬†Every year they impress. ¬†And thanks for letting me prattle on about¬†Master¬†of Kung¬†Fu. ¬†what a comic! what a panel! what complimenting!
  • To Jere Thomas and his WTVI posse for helping to make this special weekend even more special. ¬†Sorry I was unable to make¬†our post-con interview– the spirit was willing but the flesh (my tendon in particular) was weak.
  • To¬†¬†Michaele¬†Autry and¬†Trey¬†Alexander for organizing an art auction for the ages that left us all gasping and spending! ¬†I still say that Frankenstein water color by Bill Sienkiewicz was the best piece!
  • To the entire Heroes staff and volunteers (and especially Shelley¬†(Conun) Drum!!) for keeping the Stan Lee situation under control. ¬†Truly you all showed Grace under¬†Pressure. ¬†This all culminated in our great¬†Stan Lee Panel Row Shuffling Incident (as it would come to be called)¬†that you had to see to believe.

The Unflappable ‚ĄĘ Adam Daughhetee

But most of all…¬†I must thank THE PANEL DREAM TEAM: (Valiant) Val Staples!, Kate (Indivisible) Nation, Matt Tyree, Lauren Dillard, Pants, Emily Joyner and the Unflappable ‚ĄĘ¬†Adam¬†Daughhetee, Shawn¬†Daughhetee, ¬†Devin Bannen and that Ted Tarver person.
You made¬†everything work. ¬†I can’t thank you enough.
And thank you all for laughing at the same 10 jokes over and over and over–next year– 10 all new jokes, I promise!
And our utility infielder Professor John Larison of SCAD take a bow!
And of course-
Rico Renzi, Karla Marsh and Shelton Drum for having faith that we could tame that 70 panel gorilla. ¬†Rico your leadership skills are amazing. ¬†And Shelton— here’s to 30 more! ¬†I can hardly wait!

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