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What is the one true drawback to good old-fashioned four-color comic books we love so much?  It is that the art has to be reduced in size to make the mass produced comic affordable and easier to handle and store.  If everything was produced at it’s original size, we’d need mylar by the yard!!
Many of us wander around HeroesCon Artist Alley every year and gaze with awe at comic art presented at it’s original full-size. It can induce goose-bumps and at times, if the art is the work of a really great craftsman, it can take your breath away.
Ahh, if only there was a way to enjoy this full bodied art without having to fork over hundreds (and sometimes thousands) for original art.  Well folks, that day has arrived.
I want you all to take a walk around the store over to area in between the Independent comic racks and the all ages section.  Most of the time you venture over there is to say hello to Shelley hard at work on the computer or to glance down at some of the statues on display.  Well, turn around–silly!!
There are 5 incredible books that offer the comic art enthusiast a treasure trove of artistic wonders.
Are you a fan of John Romita’s Spiderman? (Who isn’t??) IDW offers their Artist Series with an over-sized book containing the complete original art for Amazing Spiderman #67, 68, 69, 71, 75, 84, & more.
Are you a fan of Daredevil? Are you a fan of the great Born Again story line by writer Frank Miller and artist David Mazzuchelli? IDW showcases Daredevil # 227-233 in all  shot from Mazzuchelli’s original art!!!.  This is considered one of the great story arcs of all-time and this is the ultimate way to enjoy it.
And for the big foot humor fans, IDW offers up a third in their artist series which spotlights the great Sergio Aragones’ classic Groo. Four issues of Groo are presented in full size glory.
Anything I try to say about these books would be nothing but blathering (albeit true) hyperbole.  You need to walk over to the art book section and look at these books.  Once you’ve opened them you will have a lot of trouble keeping them out of your “To-Buy” pile.
And that is just the tip of the Over-sized Art Book Iceberg availalbe on the Abundant IKEA brand shelving inside Heroes.  There are Portfolios by Neal Adams and Bernie Wrightson that offer seven page stories reproduced from the orginal art!
Next time you’re in the store, give these fine books a gander.  You’ll be glad you did!

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