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RICO’S PICK :: EAST OF WEST #1: Years ago I was sitting in a movie theater watching some coming attractions/previews/trailers/long commercials/whatever you want to call them. A preview for the Italian Job remake came on and a couple of quick shots into it I was sold. Tiny cars racing through Italy with the drivers pulling off some sort of heist? Sounds good to me! The trailer continued for 2 or 3 minutes after that though during which I was un-sold. I never saw the Italian Job remake because I saw too much of it in that trailer. Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta, Frank Martin and Rus Wooton’s new book East of West, all of Hickman’s non-Marvel books for that matter, don’t suffer from this over-selling of content. Hickman reveals very little about projects before they come out and in an comics community of endless spoilers and asking creators what they are working on next before their current projects even hit stands, I respect that. I trust these creators to make a good comic or better. If not, I only bought one issue. More often than not though, Hickman delivers.


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