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staff_picks doug_staff_picksDOUG’S PICK :: SECRET #3: You’re totally forgiven if this epic spy story from Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim has slipped off your mind (and off your pull list); after all, it has been over a year since the last new issue. Let me refresh your memory: Hickman and Bodenheim, who were last seen together on A Red Mass From Mars, bring us an espionage story centered around three seemingly random events that center around the oldest secret in the histoy of the world.  IN. THE. HISTORY. OF. THE. WORLD!!.
Bodenheim’s strength of faces and facial expressions are on full display and are crucial to the storytelling as it’s mostly dudes in suits throughout this book.  For Hickman, this story is closer to his debut book, Nightly News than the epics he become known for at Marvel.


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SETH’S PICK :: EAST OF WEST #2: Alongside the excellent new book Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray, East of West is reminding readers that Image is producing some truly interesting books these days.  It’s something of a post apocalyptic tale, though I feel like that limits it in some way.  When I read the first issue my initial thought was that this is an idea Jonathan Hickman must have been saving for a creator owned book.  It’s got all the scope and intrigue of his Marvel work, but like his other Image title, Manhattan Projects, this one seems like he’s able to stretch out a little more.  Hickman’s scripts are brought to life by Nick Dragotta, and while they’ve collaborated before this project, they seem to be working even more to each other’s strengths this time around.  And don’t feel bad if you missed the sold out first issue – a second print of it will also be available this week.  There are plenty of reasons why so many of us on this blog and other sites are talking about East of West.  Pick up both copies and see why.



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“Sombody’s got a case of the Mondays.” If that’s you, we hope this HeroesCon 2013 Guest List Update will cheer you up and help you power through your week! Heroes Convention is in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 7-9 2013. Get your 3 day passes today! The full guest list (so far) is here.


We still need volunteers too!

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FRANK CHO – Creator: Liberty Meadows Artist: Savage Wolverine, Avengers, Shanna

JONATHAN HICKMAN – Writer: Avengers, East of West, Manhattan Projects

RYAN BODENHEIM – Artist: Secret, Halcyon, Red Mass for Mars

NICK PITARRA – Artist: The Manhattan Projects, The Red Wing

JEFF DEKAL – Cover Artist: Journey Into Mystery

KARL STORY – Inker: Action Comics, Ocean, Tom Strong, Terra Obscura, Nightwing

DEXTER VINES – Inker: Nova, Avengers: X- Sanction, Buffy, Hulk

TERESA R DAVIDSON – Letterer: Sonic the Hedgehog, Archie

JOE HARRIS – Writer: Great Pacific, X-Files

KEN HUNT: Artist: Godsend


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RICO’S PICK :: EAST OF WEST #1: Years ago I was sitting in a movie theater watching some coming attractions/previews/trailers/long commercials/whatever you want to call them. A preview for the Italian Job remake came on and a couple of quick shots into it I was sold. Tiny cars racing through Italy with the drivers pulling off some sort of heist? Sounds good to me! The trailer continued for 2 or 3 minutes after that though during which I was un-sold. I never saw the Italian Job remake because I saw too much of it in that trailer. Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta, Frank Martin and Rus Wooton’s new book East of West, all of Hickman’s non-Marvel books for that matter, don’t suffer from this over-selling of content. Hickman reveals very little about projects before they come out and in an comics community of endless spoilers and asking creators what they are working on next before their current projects even hit stands, I respect that. I trust these creators to make a good comic or better. If not, I only bought one issue. More often than not though, Hickman delivers.



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SETH’S PICK :: NEW AVENGERS #1: I’ll admit that, while I think Brian Bendis’ run on Avengers is respectable, it never really did much for me.  The Illuminati idea, though, was one that always seemed promising.  You’ve got Marvel’s smartest heroes secretly convening to stop threats only they can.  It’s a good idea that should realize more of its potential under the direction of new writer Jonathan Hickman.  If his Avengers title is the sprawling, huge cast facing off against even larger threats, then New Avengers looks to be the converse – a small group operating in a more hidden manner. If you’re a fan of Black Panther like me, you’ll be happy to know that T’Challa will also be a big part of New Avengers.  I’d also be remiss not to mention that the artist of this book is Steve Epting, who did some nice work with Hickman on Fantastic Four.  I’m not exactly sure what the pair has planned for this title, but I’m betting it’s worth a look.



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RICO’S PICK :: IMAGE FIRSTS: Dollar comics! Brand new dollar comics! Image Firsts are new printings of the 1st issues of some of Image’s best books. CHEW, FATALE, MANHATTAN PROJECTS, REVIVAL, SAGA and a few more are being offered this week at a low $1 cover price. This is a great time to try a series that you’ve been hearing about without making a big investment.



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It looks like departments stores are already setting up their Christmas displays so it’s not too early for me to remind you that Heroes is a great place to do some Christmas shopping while you’re picking up your own comics.  From an excellent All Ages section to art books to comic strip collections, there’s something for everyone on your list.  There’s also the annual Holiday Sale for the bargain hunters among us.  Keep an eye on the blog for that announcement.

Avengers #1 and #2Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena take on an expanded Avengers roster as the team entered the Marvel NOW! era.  This title will be shipping twice a month and the preview art is stunning.  (Marvel Previews, pages 4-8)

Amazing Spider-Man #700: While new titles are launching in the Marvel-verse, this long running Spider-Man series is coming to an end.  It’s ending in a big way with 104 pages and some great covers, including a variant with the names of the creators who have worked on the book appearing in the city skyline. (Marvel Previews, pages 47-50)

Monsters, Inc. #1: Marvel is bringing another hit Disney movie into comics with this adaption of Monsters, Inc. in a mini-series that follows the adventures of a human girl who has sneaked into Monstropolis. (Marvel Previews, page 67)

Hellboy in Hell #1: Mike Mignola returns to both writing and drawing duties as we join Hellboy after his sacrifice in Great Britain landed him in hell with both familiar faces and a throne that have been awaiting his arrival. (pages 31-33)

Rotten Apple: Heroes regular, Sanford Greene, teams with writer Chuck Brown on a hunt for a priceless relic in the dystopian city of Rotten Apple. (page 50)

House of FunEvan Dorkin brings the fun in only the way he can with this issue that includes new Milk and Cheese strips, stories from Dark Horse Presents and much, much more.  (page 66)

Django Unchained #1 and #2: Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie hits comics as an adaption of his full screenplay that tells the story of a dentist turned bounty hunter and his partner a newly freed slave.  If that’s not enough, the art for the series is provided by Scalped‘s R.M. Guera and Charlotte’s own Jason Latour.   (page 137)

Sweet Tooth #40: The journey of Gus comes to an end in this final issue of Jeff Lemire’s acclaimed series.   (page 143)

Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer Artist’s Edition New Printing: If you missed out on the first printing of this beautiful artist’s edition, never fear, just in time for the holidays a new printing is available. (page 173)

MARA #1: Brian Wood and Ming Doyle tell the story of Mara Prince, a celebrity athlete with supernatural abilities that is now famous for all the wrong reasons.  Ming’s art is gorgeous and in Brian’s hands this is sure to be an interesting tale.   (pages 182-184)

Chew volume 6: Space Cakes TP : I’ve been reading Chew in trade and I am ecstatic that a new volume awaits me in December.  Collecting issues 26-30, plus the amazing Secret Agent Poyo one-shot, this trade is sure to make the Chew fan in your life have a very happy holidays indeed. (page 203)

Love and Rockets: The Covers: Fantagraphics has collected over 150 covers from Los Bros. Hernandez and brought them together in one glorious oversized art book for our viewing pleasure.  The covers are almost exclusively presented without cover logos or texts (page 296)

Mermin volume 1: Out of Water: Don’t miss the full color hardcover of the adventures of Mermin the Merman and his human friends after he washes ashore following his escape from the underwater kingdom of Mer.  Originally published by Joey Weiser in mini-comics, this new collection is sure to please comic fans of all ages. (pages 306-307)

Chu’s Day: A new children’s book from Neil Gaiman about a cute little panda with a giant sneeze is the only description anyone should need to pick up this adorable picture book.  (page 352)

Get a head start on holiday shopping with this month’s Previews order and don’t forget to throw in a little something for yourself!