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staff_picks rico_staff_picksRICO’S PICK :: ADVENTURE TIME: The FLIP SIDE: There are a bunch of comics I’m excited about this week. Minimum Wage #1, Black Widow #1, and the conclusion of Fantomex are all worth a look. Adventure Time: The Flip Side features art by Wook Jin Clark (whose awesome OGN MegaGoGo comes out next month!) and it’s written by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover. Check it out!




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Every year during HeroesCon, we try to find time to run through Indie Island and pick up a few things we think should be in our store.  This year we managed to obtain a few excellent new items that we hope you’ll consider picking up during your next visit.

First up is an assortment of Michael Deforge books from our friends at Koyama Press.  Among them are Lose #2-4 and his newest collection, Very Casual.  Deforge’s art is interesting, trippy, and somehow still capable of appealing to all ages readers, as evidenced by his contributions to Adventure Time.

Speaking of Adventure Time, we stopped by Boom Studios‘ booth and picked up 43 – that’s right – 43 different covers from various Adventure Time comics.  More accurately, we picked up copies of Fiona and Cake #1-5, and Adventure Time (Finn and Jake) #1 – 16 plus copies of this year’s annual.  And, as I mentioned, there are multiple covers for many of these issues, including sought after ones by artists like Scott C., Maris Wicks, Joe Quinones, Stephanie Buscema, the aforementioned Michael Deforge, Jeffrey Brown, James Kochalka and more!

It wouldn’t be a HeroesCon if we didn’t stumble on a new small press book, and this year we found two from Galactic Press, a small Georgia-based company that introduced us to their books Galaxy Man and Hero Cats of Stellar City.  These are both fun all ages titles, with Galaxy Man offering up a twist on the Father/Daughter super hero team, and Hero Cats being…well…kind of self explanatory in its title.  We picked these up for our young customers, so if you’ve got young readers at home who are bored with the same old kinds of all ages stories, let them take a look at these during your next trip to Heroes.

As with every year, we had to stop by Adhouse Books.  Not only have they been a longtime anchor of Indie Island, and not only are they really great people, but they always have fascinating books on their tables.  This year we picked up another copy of the dense, epic masterpiece Duncan the Wonder Dog.  We’ve had this book in the past, but I couldn’t resist.  It’s really something to see and read, if you haven’t yet taken the plunge.

We also picked up copies of Pulpatoon Pilgrimage by Joel Priddy (outstanding cartooning), Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain by Debbie Huey(a fine all ages book), Ace Face: The Mod with the Metal Arms by Mike Dawson (another book with an aptly descriptive title), and Nobrow’s The Wolf’s Whistle by Bjorn Rune Lie and Co. (Think a European take on nursery rhymes filtered through the lens of Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox).

Also at the Adhouse booth I saw recent works from the guys behind Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, one of our favorite comics podcasts.  We picked up signed and sketched copies of Jim Rugg’s Drawings 030413.  If you liked last year’s Notebook Drawings, you’ll love this new sketchbook.  Jim continues to impress us with the virtuosity of his work, and his latest offering Supermag only solidifies the fact that he’s one of the most diverse cartoonists working today.  His podcast-mate Jasen Lex also had some books on display, and we picked up copies of Henchman, Washington Unbound #1, and The Bottom Feeders #1.  He’s another creator with a seemingly natural sense of design.  While I didn’t pick up any new books from their podcast-mate Ed Piskor, I did see even more of his pages from his upcoming Hip Hop Family Tree.  You might remember my interview with him about it HERE.  Trust me when I say that this is not only the visual history of a revolutionary genre of music, but one of the finest examples of cartooning I’ve seen of late.  If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, let us know and we’ll make sure you get a copy.

Finally, as Sunday was winding down, the talented Maris Wicks stopped by the Heroes booth and we made sure to pick up a few copies of her (and Jim Ottaviani‘s) excellent new graphic novel Primates.  This book focuses on the work of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas, how they changed the science of Primate study, and brought an increased awareness to these astounding animals.

You can find all of these books and more in our store right now.  Thanks to all these companies and creators, and be sure to pick up some of these titles the next time you visit Heroes.




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MATT’S PICK :: ALIEN ILLUSTRATED STORY TP: Ohmanohmanohman! What an AWESOME week the comic shops have in store for us fan-boys AND girls!  Its not every week we get hit with TWO Frederator Studio comic books. Boom Studios produces the finest all-ages books on the shelves. (The Mouse should have maintained his relationship with them.) The Adventure Time: Fiona and Cake mini-series is produced by the the same people who came up with the concept for the original F&C episode. Excellent reading. The other title, Bravest Warriors adds a lot of depth to this web-based Frederator cartoon. You can enjoy the comic or cartoon on their own, or get the full effect by enjoying them in tandem!

The two books I mentioned above are nice and all, but I had to save this week’s best title for last. Sorry if I’m hoggin’ the bloggin’ – I did say it was an AWESOME week! Anyway, you need to buy yourself a copy of Alien: Illustrated Story TP Facsimile Edition. Don’t even think twice. There is no excuse for any self-respecting comic book fan missing this book in their collection. Alien is the type of film that has near-universal appeal to comic book and sci-fi fans. Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson deliver the goods. Walt restored the artwork and added extra art to this edition. I’ll be the guy at the register clutching his copy tighter than a face-hugger!


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KARLA’S PICK :: ADVENTURE TIME: FIONNA & CAKE #02: This is classic! It’s the world of Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, turned completely inside out!! Meet Fionna & Cake! Instead of a boy and his amazing morphing dog, we have a girl and her amazing morphing cat! The antics are similar, but reversed! Plus, it has the great zingers and the beautiful artwork that you’ve come to appreciate from Adventure Time and KaBoom Studios! Plus, if you get here quick enough, you can snag this sassy variant cover by HeroesCon favorite Stephanie Buscema!



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RICO’S PICK :: ADVENTURE TIME: FIONNA & CAKE #01: Natasha Allegri, who works on TV’s Adventure Time, is writing AND drawing this 6-issue series starring the characters she created for the show. I’m a huge fan of Fionna and Cake and Natasha’s Tumblr is just about one of the funniest things you can see on the internet. So I’m not really sticking my neck out when I say this series is going to be great! And check out that sweet, sweet cover by my pals Joe Quinones & Maris Wicks!!





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Favorite Super-hero Book of 2012: This may be a bit premature, but the Marvel NOW! relaunch of Captain America stands head and shoulders above any other new superhero book for me this year. It manages to be kitschy and modern all at once, a post-millennial nod to Jack Kirby’s near autonomous 1970s run that would surely send the King over the moon. I haven’t read a single issue of a comic book so many times this year; I think my current tally is closing in on a baker’s dozen. Rick Remender deserves a big ol’ hug. If he’d come to Heroes Con, he’d get one.



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JUSTIN’S PICK :: BRAVEST WARRIORS #2: Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward trades in the fantasy tropes for sci-fi in this charming new series. Hearkening back to the halcyon days of 80s team adventure (think SilverHawks or Voltron), the action is undercut with a quirky and disarming sense of humor. Great for readers young and young-at-heart, Bravest Warriors should please any fan of Ward’s, Adventure Time, or cartoons in general.



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ANDY’S PICK :: CAPTAIN EASY HC VOL 03 SOLDIER OF FORTUNE: This is the third of a projected 4 Volume Set that collects all the Classic Captain Easy. Sunday pages from the 30s and 40s; written and drawn by Roy Crane–one of the true masters and innovators of the comic form.  Few artists had the artistic and storytelling chops to take maximum advantage of the full size Sunday comic page and even fewer artists could successfully combine realistic backgrounds with big foot cartoony figures to make some of the most exciting adventure comics of all time. The stories leap off every page, the chases last for weeks on end, the punches lift the fighters right off the floor, and the reader never wants the action to end and it never does because every week is a cliff hanger.  Sure, there are a lot of classic reprints available, but the Captain Easy Sundays is in the small handful of required reading.  No collection of Comic Art (with a capital ‘A’) is complete without it.

DOUG’S PICK ::  Mind MGMT #4: is not your typical comic book- it’s so good even the paper stock is amazing. Shadowy groups, ambiguous allies and even a flight 815 draw many comparisons to TV’s Lost. This sci-fi mystery is moving at breakneck speed with each issue demanding multiple readings.  The main story is of a writer who is investigating a flight where everyone, save one, lost their memories. Writer /artist Matt Kindt uses everything available to immerse you in the story, including the inside covers and margins which give background to the title organization.

HEATHER’S PICK :: JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #12: I was super disappointed when Zatanna’s solo book was absorbed by the New 52 and only grudgingly picked up JL Dark.  I didn’t want a team book, I wanted a female centered superhero book.  Color me surprised when I enjoyed this new team-up and was happy to be introduced to new-to-me characters.  I’ve particularly enjoyed Jeff Lemire’s turn at the storytelling helm as he tackles the House of Mystery and the Books of Magic.  If you enjoy your superheroes with a supernatural twist, don’t miss this one.

RICO’S PICK :: LOBSTER JOHNSON: PRAYER OF NEFERU ONE SHOT: Wilfredo Torres provides art on this self contained Lobster Johnson story. Torres’ talents are well displayed depicting Egyptian motifs, bloated fat cats, and the brilliantly designed neo-pulp protagonist, Lobster Johnson. Arcudi and Mignola always deliver a great ride and Dave Stewart drenches the entire Mignolaverse in pitch-perfect color.

SETH’S PICK :: ROCKETEER: CARGO OF DOOM #1: The best Rocketeer stories will always be ones by his creator, Dave Stevens.  I am, however, really pleased with not only both volumes of Rocketeer Adventures, but also this new four issue mini series from IDW.  Mark Waid is tasked with the writing duties, and he’s made a career out writing characters with a clear and respectful understanding of their place in comics history.  On Thor: The Mighty Avenger and Captain America and Bucky, artist Chris Samnee showed he could tackle innocent adventure stories and period pieces.  More than anything, IDW’s new Rocketeer stories remind us that even if we’ll never be able to see any new art from the late, great Dave Stevens, we can continue to celebrate his legacy with books like this.

BRENT’S PICK :: UNWRITTEN #40: Unwritten has been my favorite series on the racks since it debuted. Easy to pigeonhole as a “Harry Potter” spoof, this thoughtful book left that (admittedly great) jumping off point 30 issues ago. Carey and Gross are crafting a compelling and thoughtful work examining concepts of reality, fiction, history, zeitgeist, and belief. This issue concludes an arc that has seen much of the status quo change for our protagonists. Anything could happen next….!

IZZY’S PICK :: ADVENTURE TIME #7: The reason I chose this book is because I love it!  I like Jake because he is super super funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finn is really cool! Finn’s hat is awesome!!! This book is full of challenges and excitement and adventure!!!! I hope you like this book as much as I will!!!!!!

>BONUS PICKS :: BEFORE WATCHMEN: DR. MANHATTAN #1 (ADAM HUGHES!) & SCALPED #60 (The final issue of Jason Aaron & R.M. Guéra’s fantastic crime comic!)




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IZZY’S PICK :: ADVENTURE TIME #7: The reason I chose this book is because I love it!  I like Jake because he is super super funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finn is really cool! Finn’s hat is awesome!!! This book is full of challenges and excitement and adventure!!!! I hope you like this book as much as I will!!!!!!



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MATT’S PICK :: ADVENTURE TIME: MARCELINE AND THE SCREAM QUEENS #02: The girls take the show on the road and Jake is in charge of The Candy Kingdom?  Mathematical!


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